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Bradford’s Brain Balloons – Column #0000 – Exposition

Excellent question, everyone gets three experience points for that. A brain balloon is an idea that one wants to share. As this column was incubating during the website update, there were multiple names that Mr. Albright and I went through. It started as Brain Blisters from the various music themes of having “blisters on my fingers” a “blister in the sun” … etc. Then I decided that having a blister pop is not always a good thing, so I got rid of that idea.

Next came Bradford’s Brain Bombs, you know cause I plan on dropping some knowledge. But I am a peaceful person, and I do not like the ideas of making bombs a normalcy or not being noticed for what they are, mean and evil and destructive (typically).

As both Mr. Albright and I enjoy consonance and alliteration, we wanted to stay with B sounds. Hence Brain Balloons. I also enjoy it for the idea of a comic having a thought bubble or speech balloon. As a result, I have decided to use that as my icon for visual identification. Feel free to admire the great artistic ability I have.
This weekly column will be about whatever I feel it should be within the constraint of applying to technology, audio, video, lighting, control, networking, and related items. If you want to read my other thoughts that do not fit here my personal website is at bradfordbenn.com.

Some additional housekeeping. I do work for Harman, and as such, I want to indicate that very clearly.Harman is also an underwriter of AVNation.  Also, I very often will recuse myself from participating in certain discussions as a result. For example, I completely removed myself from the discussion of Samsung purchasing Harman. I will represent Harman on occasion such as interviews about tradeshows, see ISE 2017. In my role as ombudsman for AVNation, I decided my blog will have no underwriter or advertising on it. I am completely independent.
The schedule for this column is to post once a week, typically on Thursdays. I call this a column as I need to differentiate it from my personal blog. Also, by calling it a column, I want to reinforce my desire and efforts to have a high signal to noise ratio.

I invite you to participate as you would like, contact me via the form below, find me on The Twitters, you can tell Tim you hate my writing or comment on one of the pieces I write.

As a special bonus, there will be a second post this inaugural week that contains additional content.

Thank you for joining me in this process,

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