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The #AVSelfie 2017

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The #AVSelfie 2017

The concept of the #AVselfie has always been a simple one. Let’s show the AV world who we are. Not just the logos, brands, and technology, let’s show the people and personalities that make up this amazingly creative industry. So how do we do this? With technology, of course.
Not familiar with the “selfie” idea? It’s simply a picture taken “of yourself by yourself” using a mobile device. That’s the whole premise of the #AVselfie. This year at #InfoComm17 we encourage everyone to take “selfies” of themselves preparing for the show and during the show itself. Make sure you post them to social media services like Twitter or Instagram using the Hashtag #AVselfie and #InfoComm17. Don’t have an account yet, why not sign up and start interacting with some amazing #AVTweeps. Click here for Twitter, here for Instagram. You can view some of last year’s selfies by clicking here.
AVNation will collect pictures from various social media outlets and compile them into our fourth annual #AVselfie video with music by Phil Cordell. If you haven’t seen the previous AVselife videos you should check them out. Don’t miss our tips under that.

Some ideas to get you started

  • Remember to be polite and ask people before taking their picture and sharing it
  • Take pictures of you and your co-workers visiting or working in booths.
  • #AVselfie with your favorite new product, manufacturer’s representative, new friend, or celebrity.
  • Keep an eye out for various activities like the AVNation Tweetup, #FindAVNation, photo booths, and even when not in the convention center. Rumor has it that there are theme parks in the area with great photo opportunities.
  • Manufacturers are encouraged to take #AVselfie pictures in front of their logo, booth, demonstration rooms, or products both during load in and the show itself.
  • Create an #AVselfie photo journal documenting the “Road to #InfoComm17.” Show us your show preparation, travels, and the interesting people you meet along the way.
  • Take #AVselfie at parties, networking events, hangouts, special events, and other afterhours occasions. Some of the best selfies are the ones of people getting together after the show floor is closed.
  • Use Instagram’s video feature to record 15 second videos of impressive demos at the show. Tag us in the post (@AVnationtv)

How to get involved:

  • Snap pictures on your mobile devices. You did remember to make space for the photos before leaving for the show. Also, don’t forget your spare battery.
  • Upload your favorites to Twitter, Instagram, or both using the hashtag #AVselfie. Combine it with hashtags #AVtweeps and #InfoComm17 for maximum exposure. Make sure to use “#AVselfie.” Don’t change the hashtags, it makes them easier to find.
  • The AVnation team will find the pictures by searching for the hashtag #AVselfie and pictures that we are tagged in.
  • We will retweet #AVselfie pictures during the show as well as collect them for use in this year’s #AVselfie video.

Facts and Figures:

  • Your pictures will help fuel the buzz at #InfoComm17. #AVselfie was the third most used hashtag on Twitter during InfoComm 2016. (Source: http://aka.tv/infocomm16) and has grown every year.
  • Combined with the hashtag #InfoComm16 the #AVselfie reached over 150 million impressions and 14 million Twitter users. (Source: http://aka.tv/infocomm16)
  • The Official #AVselfie Music Video will be rleased after the show.
  • During Infocomm 2016 the #AVselfie hashtag was trending within Las Vegas on Twitter. We should all be proud of the achievement of creating a trend that went beyond our industry. Can we repeat that in Orlando?
  • The #AVselfie hashtag was created four years ago as a fun way to show the people that make up this industry. Four years later we are happy InfoComm endorses the hashtag. In a recent webinar they encourage people to get involved to “be a part of their [AVNation’s] epic video.”

Start early, be creative, but most of all have fun with your #AVselfie pictures!

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