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LG UHD signage at NAB 2017

Named ‘Official 4K Ultra HD Display Partner,’ LG Provides Scores of Advanced Displays for 2017 NAB Show 

LAS VEGAS, April 25, 2017 – Scores of advanced video displays from LG Electronics are dominating the 2017 NAB Show this week in Las Vegas, where more than 100,000 attendees experience the convergence of media, entertainment, and technology. All told, LG is providing more than 160 advanced 4K Ultra HD screens, ranging from 43- to 75-inch, throughout the Las Vegas Convention Center – for wayfinding and information, and especially for displaying stunning 4K video. The convention runs through April 27.
The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) named LG Electronics USA the exclusive “Official 4K Ultra HD Display Partner” for the 2017 NAB Show, which transcends traditional broadcasting and embraces content delivery to new screens in new ways. In addition, the LG Business Solutions division was selected to provide innovative new Ultra HD displays for the “NextGen TV Hub: Powered by ATSC 3.0,” the high-profile industry exhibit in the convention center’s Grand Lobby.
LG Commercial Displays Bring ‘NextGen TV Hub’ to Life
The NextGen TV Hub, presented by NAB, the Consumer Technology Association and the Advanced Television Systems Committee, is the NAB Show’s epicenter of all things related to the new broadcast standard known as ATSC 3.0. Unique commercial displays from LG Business Solutions represent the core of the exhibit design – meeting the industry’s goal of telling the Next Gen TV story in fresh new ways.
Surrounding the top of the 35-by-45-foot booth are nine 86-inch LG “Ultra Stretch” signage displays (86BH5C) daisy-chained together horizontally. Each display measures just over seven feet long and about two feet high for an amazing 58:9 bar-type display. Compelling graphics and animation – with ticker-type messaging and dramatic moving images produced by Arland Communications – traverse across the LG Ultra HD ribbon display, drawing attendees into the booth while delivering key messages about the future of television with Next Gen TV.
On the side of the booth facing the busiest aisle in the Grand Lobby is a dramatic video-wall tower using a half-dozen LG 55-inch 55VH7B displays, which are redefining the video wall category. The displays have a narrow bezel width of 0.9 mm, allowing them to be connected seamlessly – in this case stacked floor to ceiling.
They create a powerful and impactful image for an immersive experience that’s certain to capture attention – with bold animated graphics depicting the 20-plus building blocks of the ATSC 3.0 standard, literally built from the ground up as a towering skyscraper.
The cornerstone of the NextGen TV Hub is a new LG 65-inch 4K UHD TV with integrated ATSC 3.0 reception capability, a product designed for launch this year in South Korea. It is receiving and displaying live ATSC 3.0 broadcasts of 4K content transmitted via KLSV-TV from Black Mountain. The booth also features 65- and 55-inch LG OLED 4K TVs, explaining immersive audio and automotive applications of the new broadcast standard.
LG Digital Signage and 4K TVs Everywhere at NAB Show
From digital signage for registration areas and session venues to 4K TVs for theaters and the M.E.T. 360˚ Studio, LG displays are ubiquitous at the 2017 NAB Show. In addition to more than two dozen LG 48-inch screens greeting attendees at hundreds of technical and business sessions, 75-, 60- and 55-inch LG displays are playing a key role in the NAB’s Futures Park in the North Hall where, among other things, the NAB’s  PILOT initiative is demonstrating interactive content capabilities of its ATSC 3.0 Home Gateway on LG 4K UHD TVs.
LG 60-inch 4K UHD TVs will showcase award-winning creative work of faculty and students at the Broadcast Education Association (BEA) Festival of Media Arts. BEA also is leveraging LG displays to take research presentations to the next level with digital poster sessions. College faculty and students are presenting interactive research on 60- and 55-inch LG 4K monitors in BEA’s exhibit hall located in the Las Vegas Westgate Convention Center.
Award-winning LG OLED TVs are featured at the NAB Show Television Luncheon on Monday and NAB Show Technology Luncheon (co-sponsored by LG) on Wednesday. LG OLED TVs also are the centerpiece of private demonstrations conducted by the AWARN Alliance, Pearl TV and others, while show exhibitors including GatesAir and Dolby also are featuring LG 4K Ultra HD TVs.

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