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Polycom ships Pano

Polycom Already Shipping Wireless Content Sharing Device Pano

The Polycom Pano is a wireless device that can capture both Miracast and Apple’s Airplay to a room’s display. Polycom calls it the “easiest way to show content at work.” In the demonstration, it felt very much like other wireless presentation systems. The one thing it does not require is a separate piece of software as long as you are running the most up-to-date OS. For older operating systems there is a Pano app.
When you walk into a room with Pano, the display has a pretty simplistic instruction graphic. Once you connect the first device it displays on the screen. With device number two the system auto-populates the display to side-by-side. Up to four devices can display at a time. It is a “first in, first out” system. This means as newer devices connect the older devices get “knocked out” of the screen.
You can remotely view the presentations, but only through a video conference system. Some wireless presentation devices make publicly facing IP addresses available, this does not. That is actually a nice benefit for those concerned with the security of their presentations. The Pano will work with other video conferencing systems, though Polycom says it “works better together with a Polycom VTC”.
The thing that makes this product announcement really unique is that the Pano is already shipping. Polycom has already shipped 200 units in late May. There is no word on when those will be installed so we can get a real-world use case.
Below is the full press release.
SAN JOSE, CA – June 6, 2017 – Polycom, Inc., an industry leader in enterprise-grade business communication solutions, today introduced Polycom Pano, the easiest way to share content at work. Now anyone in a business meeting can share up to four streams of simultaneous content side-by-side, from any device, without the hassle of juggling cables, pucks or dongles.
Everyone has experienced the struggle of sharing presentations or spreadsheets quickly and easily in a meeting. Now customers can simply connect Polycom Pano to any display to enable wireless content sharing from PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones – even live video. Pano includes built-in security safeguards that limit sharing to the target monitor and that protect content once a meeting is concluded.
“Customers have told us that they struggle to share information in meetings – too much time is wasted trying to find the right adapter or cord for whatever computer or device they have,” said Mary McDowell, Chief Executive Officer, Polycom. “Collaboration is richer and more productive when you annotate and build on your ideas together in real time. Polycom Pano makes content sharing easy and fits into any ecosystem or environment.”
Add a Pano to a touch monitor, and an expanded set of capabilities are available, with rich annotation and interactive whiteboarding features unavailable in other wireless content sharing solutions. Using a high-resolution 4K monitor will enhance the content sharing experience even further. Pano works with any existing video equipment, making it easy to add on to existing conference room technology.
“Polycom Pano is an ideal solution for every room where meetings are held,” said Daniel Rogers, VP Global Channels and UC Vendor Alliances, AVI-SPL. “Pano eliminates common frustrations of sharing content and instead allows teams to focus on mission-critical tasks.”

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