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InFocus Transforms Collaboration With ConX Ecosystem

From cloud-based video conferencing services to a broad array of software and hardware endpoints, InFocus ConX enables real-time collaboration between anyone, anytime on virtually any device.
 EMBARGO —  JUNE 12, 2017 — Portland, Ore. —InFocus unveils its transformative ConX communication and collaboration ecosystem today, centered on the new ConX Cloud video conferencing service. ConX Cloud connects with ConX display hardware solutions ranging from Mondopad touch-enabled displays and ConX video phones to scalable ConX video conferencing walls supporting up to 96 displays, as well as ConX software and web apps for laptops, iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The ConX system also supports H.323 and SIP industry standards, allowing businesses, schools and government agencies to connect to anyone using standards-based third-party devices.
With ConX, users can connect and collaborate with more ease and more flexibility than ever before. From small team meetings to large-scale, company-wide meetings of people and ideas, the ConX universe has everything needed to connect people and information. And unlike any other solution on the market, ConX delivers the freedom and flexibility for anyone to actively participate in a virtual meeting, no matter the device or operating system in front of them. The combination of ConX Cloud and ConX devices and software from InFocus provides an unparalleled, integrated collaboration experience, while built-in support for industry standards provides the freedom to connect with people using legacy systems and other video conferencing services both inside and outside the organization.
“Our intention is to propel the collaboration market to the next level of possibility and affordability. The ConX ecosystem leverages our three decades of leadership in touch-enabled display solutions and collaboration software with cloud services that allow anyone to connect on virtually any device. With ConX, InFocus provides a complete end-to-end universe of solutions meeting all of the communication and collaboration needs of businesses, schools, and public agencies,” said Mark Housley, CEO of InFocus. “Unlike every other hardware or software communication solution out there, we’re not locking you into a proprietary, limited system. We’re also not going to make our customers pay for the things that should be included like support for industry standards. Our ConX Cloud service is boundless and available at prices unmatched in the industry. We think this kind of connectivity should be available and affordable for every entity, large and small. But if your business prefers other communication services or you have legacy display equipment, that’s fine too. InFocus ConX works seamlessly with all of it.”
ConX Cloud Video Conferencing Service
The new ConX Cloud was designed and built to enable powerful, reliable video conferencing and collaboration from anywhere. Instead of presenting one-way data during a meeting, ConX Cloud provides dual-stream data and video allowing everyone to see both faces and information at the same time, providing the closest experience to an in-person meeting. With ConX endpoints from InFocus, users on the video conference can present, annotate, whiteboard, create, edit, share, save, and send information in real-time. ConX Cloud supports SIP, H.323, and Skype for Business interoperability, so you can bring people and data together through a wide variety of endpoints and services on both InFocus and legacy third-party devices. Connectivity across communication platforms is essential, and ConX Cloud delivers it at no extra cost.
ConX Cloud service includes support for InFocus Mondopad and a range of InFocus ConX endpoints including ConX Wall, ConX Exec, and ConX Phone, as well as audio (PSTN) dial-in, ConX mobile apps for iOS and Android, ConX apps for Windows and Mac OS, and ConX web apps. ConX Cloud also supports InFocus’ BrightCam technology for intelligent HD video enhancement, adaptively improving video conferencing image color and detail in a variety of ambient light conditions on select InFocus devices.
ConX Ecosystem Hardware
ConX hardware endpoints integrate advanced video and information-sharing technologies into fully-configurable and scalable solutions for conference rooms, huddle rooms, and video walls.
–        Mondopad
One of the most versatile pieces of the ConX ecosystem is the award-winning InFocus Mondopad. This all-in-one touch-enabled system allows teams to connect and share any type of content with anyone in the room, as well as with attendees who are remote. Mondopad now supports the new ConX Whiteboard, enabling professionals in multiple locations to interact and share ideas on a Mondopad whiteboard, while simultaneously using ConX Cloud. Everyone can see the same whiteboard screen, and each participant can draw, write or insert text or images.
Offering the capabilities typically provided by multiple devices in traditional conference rooms, Mondopad is an enormous touch-enabled screen that combines an HD video conferencing system, an interactive whiteboard, a 1080p or 4K screen, audio conferencing, and a powerful PC. Users can control the system, present, annotate, and whiteboard using their fingers and an intuitive, easy-to-use graphical user interface. Documents can be saved to the Mondopad for future access, stored to the network, or emailed to anyone directly from the device. A built-in high-quality camera and speakers facilitate enterprise-grade video conferencing, making Mondopad the standalone collaboration system that connects people, devices and information easily, seamlessly and reliably right out of the box. Mondopad is available in 57-inch and 65-inch sizes and Mondopad Ultra, with 4K resolution and an even more robust PC, is available in 70-inch and 85-inch sizes.
–        ConX Wall and ConX Exec
For collaboration and conferencing with even more screen real estate, InFocus offers ConX Exec and ConX Wall. Both are video conferencing solutions that feature multi-screen configurations that can scale from two displays to 96 showing both shared data and video conferencing participants. ConX Wall and ConX Exec are ideal for those applications in which seeing the big picture means seeing a big picture. Using multiple ultra-narrow-bezel HD displays, users can customize these ConX solutions for any wall size ranging from that in an executive suite to the largest venue.
What sets ConX Wall and ConX Exec apart from a basic video wall is an integrated video conferencing multipoint control unit (MCU) server. The server enables users to instantly configure and change each input image to any number of the displays, allowing in-room participants to focus on whatever content they want at any given time, such as a data or video stream from a remote participant. This unique ability to create a user-defined layout and to have control from all kinds of devices makes ConX Wall and ConX Exec ideal for enterprise management, public services, education and training.
ConX Exec is available in pre-configured display, hardware, and software solutions available in 2×2 or 3×2 configuration with 48.50-inch HD screens. ConX Wall is a fully-configurable solution that can be matched with third-party displays, accommodating up to 96 screens for enormous collaboration walls.
ConX Cloud Pricing
ConX Cloud is both powerful and affordable, designed to make the power of collaboration available to more people and more institutions than ever before. It is the only service that is available at a single price without hidden fees. Support for standards and Skype for Business is built-in and included at no additional charge. The goal is maximum connectivity and flexibility, assuring the system is compatible with important standard protocols and future-proof for any changes that an enterprise may undertake in the future. ConX Cloud’s game-changing price makes it possible for businesses, agencies, and schools to provide every office and employee with their own video conferencing and collaboration system.

3-seat room 10-seat room 50-seat room 10 50-seat rooms 100 50-seat rooms
 Promotions  Free 1-yr trial  $4.99 promotional price (valid for 1 year with contract)
Monthly  $8.29/month/room  $9.99/month/room  $7.49/month/room  $5.99/month/room
Total Annual Cost  $99.00  $119.00  $899.00  $7,099.00

“InFocus ConX is the ultimate way for people to connect,” continued Housley. “With ConX Cloud, people can video conference and collaborate in boardrooms, in huddle rooms, at their desk, and on-the-go more powerfully, easily, and more affordably than ever before. Combining the aggressively-priced ConX Cloud service with our uniquely expansive and complete range of ConX hardware and software solutions, people can see each other and collaborate easily, reliably, and more effectively than ever before.”
ConX Cloud, ConX Wall, ConX Exec, Mondopad and all other ConX hardware and software solutions are available now. To learn more, visit:www.infocus.com/conx. To get a free ConX Cloud trial, go to www.infocus.com/conx-cloud.

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