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Q-SYS Provides the Processing Backbone for Orange County Convention Center and InfoComm 2017

Q-SYS provides audio processing, routing and control for over 7.2 million square feet of exhibiting space
Orlando, FL (June 14, 2017) – QSC announces its Q-SYS™ Platform provides the backbone for the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) and its 7.2 million square feet of exhibition space. Renowned as the largest convention center in the U.S., the OCCC is home to a wide range of flagship events including the InfoComm professional AV show. Throughout InfoComm 2017 and beyond, all audio within the OCCC is processed, routed and controlled by Q-SYS. InfoComm attendees can monitor the entire Q-SYS infrastructure in realtime via a master user control interface at the QSC booth (5645).
During its recent 35th anniversary, OCCC upgraded its system to handle the demands of modern audio routing and the ability to easily integrate and control audio between its West Hall and North/South Hall. The OCCC worked with two locally-based specialists – Pro Sound & Video and Matern Professional Engineering.
As the system designer at Matern, Jim Landis recalls, “We knew this project wasn’t going to be an easy undertaking. When you have such a large conference center and people who have been there for decades, they have very specific needs. But the knowledge of the QSC team, and the flexibility and reliability of the Q-SYS Platform to accommodate those needs made QSC the ideal choice.”
Providing the processing and control horsepower for the new system are four redundant Q-SYS Core 3100 processors (eight processors in total). “Redundancy was very important to the OCCC, as were reliability and overall power,” explains Pro Sound & Video’s Rod Sintow. “Part of the appeal was the ultra-reliable Q-SYS Platform and its ability to scale quickly and easily. If we used an alternative solution, it would have required hundreds of devices to do something like this.”
The result is a deployment that allows flexible configuration in routing and control across multiple halls. “For example, if a client is operating both buildings and wants audio integrated and everything working together, they simply hit the appropriate button,” continues Landis. “Also, anywhere you’ve got network cabling you can plug in a microphone and it will talk to the Core – you no longer need a bunch of pre-wired microphone extensions.”
In addition, the existing ceiling-mount loudspeakers were replaced with AD-C821 AcousticDesign™ ceiling-mount loudspeakers to ensure excellent audio coverage throughout the Tangerine Ballroom. Renovations to the Hall D sound system also included QSC AD-C1200 AcousticDesign ceiling-mount loudspeaker. “Incidentally, the North/South building already had legacy QSC amplifiers – more than 100 CX-204V 4-channel amplifiers – and after 11 years of operation, the OCCC only experienced one channel failure in a single amplifier, which is remarkable,” says Landis.
As the OCCC continues to develop and grow, its requirements will also evolve. Accordingly, says Sintow, “Flexibility and the need to keep one eye on the future were arguably the key elements in choosing Q-SYS. The Q-SYS Core processors are based on IT-aligned technology including Intel chipsets, which gives you incredible flexibility. With Q-SYS, as chipsets and circuit boards develop, you can keep upgrading your Cores year-on-year with better processors and better audio capability. This constant evolution ensures that our customer will have a near future-proof solution.”
“Q-SYS is really the only system that could offer the kind of solutions required by the OCCC,” agrees Landis. “The available system-wide software updates on the Core processors means that the convention center can take advantage of new features on a regular basis and remain one step ahead of its future needs.”
InfoComm 2017
Attendees can experience the Q-SYS Platform at the QSC booth (5645) and take a listening tour of QSC loudspeakers in its Demo Room W224A.
For more information and to register for QSC events during InfoComm, please visit: www.qsc.com/infocom2017

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