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Middle Atlantic Broadens Lineup of AV Storage and Mount Solutions

Proximity and VDM Series Give Integrators Endless System Design Flexibility for Decentralized, All-in-One Systems at the Display
 FAIRFIELD, N.J. –– June 14, 2017 — Middle Atlantic Products is expanding its innovative, expertly designed Proximity Series AV storage solutions and Vision Display Mount (VDM) lines, providing integrators with a comprehensive offering to support decentralized systems in commercial applications. The Proximity Series now includes the only in-wall box designed to fit 24” stud bays for even more AV systems storage capacity and the industry’s first sliding plate that enables quick access to mount and maintain small devices at the display. All new Proximity storage solutions feature Middle Atlantic’s patented, tool-free Lever Lock™ system to accommodate, conceal, and reliably mount a range of AV components. Perfect for conference room and other collaboration space applications, the new professional-grade VDM Series now features a modular design that supports single or multiple display ceiling and wall-mount applications, while delivering a consistent and seamless installation experience.
 “For nearly four decades, Middle Atlantic has been solving our customers’ need for reliable AV support and protection,” said Tim Troast, VP, product management at Middle Atlantic. “We continue to build upon that heritage and commitment with an industry-leading systems approach for mounting, cable management, and power distribution. Our VDM Series allows integrators to meet the most demanding display mounting installation with ease, while our additional device storage options within the expanded Proximity Series offer even more convenience and access. As a result of these new options, integrators can save critical time and resources on any commercial project.”
The Proximity Series 22”x14” In-Wall Box increases the storage capacity of the Proximity line to accommodate and ensure the installation of more AV system components behind the display than ever before. Engineered to provide convenient, recessed storage for localized, all-in-one system support, this versatile solution can be placed vertically to easily mount into a 16” stud bay or horizontally to fit within a commercial-sized 24” stud bay. The in-wall box solves the challenge of working and installing AV systems in tight spaces with Lever Lock mounting plates. The new 22”x14” in-wall box ships with three plates for multiple planes of mounting capability.
In addition to the new size offering, the Proximity Series enables integrators to aesthetically cap off the installation with new metal covers that restrict visibility and protect equipment and cables stored within. Part of Middle Atlantic’s hallmark approach of ensuring maximum uptime and reliability is a built-in design with a perforated grill that provides passive ventilation to safeguard equipment from overheating and allows cables to easily pass through from the display into the in-wall box.
The Proximity Series also includes the industry’s first sliding mounting plate to provide easily accessible AV storage right behind the display. With Lever Lock built-in, integrators can easily unhook the plate from the sliding mechanism to mount small devices onto the 15”x10” mounting space and service them without having to remove the display. The Sliding Mounting Plate is the industry’s only universal storage solution that mounts directly to any modular-style mount, including Middle Atlantic’s VDM Series Multi-Display Wall and Ceiling Mounts, C5 Monitor Mounts, DisplayStation Carts, or on the wall behind the display.
Finally, Middle Atlantic adds eight new VDM Series Multi-Display Wall and Ceiling Mounts that are designed with the integrator in mind, providing safe and reliable display mounting with unique features that enable efficient installation and maintenance. The modular design allows these mounts to be deployed in different configurations, including on-wall, ceiling, or back-to-back. Integrators simply switch out the series’ adapters and accessories for a seamless and consistent installation experience, no matter the application.
More information about Middle Atlantic Products is available at www.middleatlantic.com.
Middle Atlantic Products has been part of the Legrand group since its acquisition in 2011.
Editor’s note: Middle Atlantic is an underwriter of AVNation.

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