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AptoVision Acquired by Semtech

Thursday June 29, 2017 at 5:28pm EDT Semtech announced an agreement to purchase AptoVision for US$28 million, with performance bonuses up to US$19 million. Luckily Google Alerts alerted me to the news late on Friday or I would have missed it. In the financial world Semtech is categorized as being an “Analog and Mixed Signal Semiconductors” company. In the AV industry they are more known for their broadcast and security video solutions using SDI. Semtech indicated in their statements that one of the main reasons for the purchase was for AptoVision’s BlueRiver technology. Both companies prefer to build chips as opposed to finished goods. AptoVision is also a founding member of the SDVoE Alliance.

Why does this matter to the AV Industry?

The SDVoE Alliance was formed by AptoVision, Aquantia, Christie Digital, NETGEAR, Sony and ZeeVee to standardize video over IP. In addition to the founders the following companies are part of the alliance and exhibited at InfoComm 2017; DVIGear, IDK, Arista, Aurora Multimedia, Cleerline SSF, HDCVT, and Techlogix Networx. All of these companies are defining a solution that allows video interoperability over standard Ethernet. Some will say that it is very similar to the AVNU Alliance with Time Sensitive Networking (TSN), previously known as  AVB. A brief review of the members of both alliances shows that there are members of both AVNU and SDVoE alliances. The delivery of products to market is the key to any transport succeeding. If SDVoE is able to achieve interoperability at the level of CobraNet, Dante, and AES67 it will allow for designers to have a wider choice of products and manufacturers.
AVNation conducted an interview with Justin Kennington of SDVoE during the InfoComm 2017 show.
Note: The SDVoE Alliance is an underwriter of AVNation. They did not participate in anyway with this article.

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