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A New Era for Marina Gregory from Advanced AV

In June, Advanced AV announced a shift in their marketing to more accurately reflect their service to the technology space at large. Today they are moving Advanced AV’s marketing director to the position of Vice President of Marketing for all of New Era Technology. Marina Gregory has been named the new V.P. of Marketing for New Era Technology.
“In this role, Marina will oversee all aspects of marketing for the US businesses and global branding for the company,” an internal memo stated.
Gregory, like a number of audio video professionals, did not come from an “AV” background but she has brought her marketing expertise to this industry with considerable success.
“I’ve worked with Marina since she entered the audio video industry, and she was always challenging the status quo marketing that went on in the space,” Daniel Newman, principal analyst at Futurum Research said. “It’s great to have someone of her caliber to help lead marketing for New Era as they continue to grow and move beyond the AV space.”
“New Era Technology has long been a trusted advisor and technology solution provider of collaboration, cloud, data networking, security, and managed service solutions,” said Marina Gregory “As we continue to grow in the US and global markets, I look forward to leading the effort to share our expertise and brand message with customers around the world.”
New Era has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. They acquired Advanced AV in 2013. In June of this year, New Era began a strategic shift in the marketing of all their companies and offices to incorporate the New Era branding. This will allow the company to utilize all their different offices to provide audio video, IT, and technology services to their client base.
“It’ll be great to see another audio video integrator expanding into the broader technology space,” commented Newman.
Gregory will head the US marketing efforts as well as work with an international team on a global marketing strategy.  For more information about New Era, you can find them at NewEraTech.com

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