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Absen adds to ABCOMRENTS offerings

ABCOMRENTS has added 4,000 matching indoor X2v tiles to their inventory for both rental and resale. The HD tiles are the perfect size for the AV and staging industry.

CHICAGO, IL Aug 9, 2017– ABCOMRENTS, the leading provider of IT & Digital Signage Solutions, has expanded their inventory once again! This time, the company has added the latest Absen LED tile: the indoor 2.6mm X2v from Absen’s Mobile Indoor/Outdoor Xv-series. ABCOMRENTS purchased 4,000 of the X2v tiles, with 2,000 available by August, the balance due in by September.  They are available for both rental and resale.
Designed specifically for the rental & staging industry, Absen’s Xv-series sets a new standard for modular LED tiles. The unique 500×562 pixel size and 2.6mm pitch means each tile provides true HD clarity allowing for native 16:9 content design and application.
“The Xv-series is a game-changer for indoor and outdoor displays. Up until now, the standard in our industry has been LED tiles that are square. That’s great for piecing them together to make larger sizes, but it distorts image resolution. The Xv-series allows you to build true 16:9 walls which is why TVs, touchscreens, computer monitors and the like are all 16:9. These new tiles are rectangular which means native HD aspect ratio can be achieved no matter how large the screen size,” explained Sonny Goyal, Managing Director of ABCOMRENTS (www.abcomrents.com).
The individual Xv-series tiles have an 8:9 aspect ratio and 192×216 resolution allowing for the industry-standard 16:9 aspect ratio to be matched to any wall size consisting of an even number of columns. The new sizing structure eliminates the need for content to be stretched, distorted, or cropped to fit the screen size. Like other Absen tiles, the indoor X2v tiles can be curved. Integrated latches and custom brackets provide easy concave or convex curving up to 5-degree increments. The tiles are suitable for indoor applications that range from concerts and touring, staging and production, to corporate and tradeshow/exhibit needs.
“Absen has a long-standing and strong partnership with ABCOMRENTS in providing the top LED technologies to its customers, states Allen Lu, President for Absen Inc. “Now with ABCOMRENTS as our ‘Market Maker’ for the X2v, we are able to further demonstrate Absen’s commitment and investment to the rental & staging industry.
ABCOMRENTS is the single, largest provider of sub 3mm LED to the rental and staging industry and is one of Absen’s largest industry partners in the United States and Canada. The investment of 4,000 matching tiles shows the commitment Absen and ABCOMRENTS has within our industry.
Visit www.abcomrents.com to learn more about ABCOMRENTS or view their product catalog.
About ABCOMRENTS: As the leading provider of IT & Digital Signage Solutions since 1989, ABCOMRENTS creates partnerships with clients in the Rental Industry to help them bring unique technology and full-service solutions to their clients.  We strategize, design and implement full-service event productions with innovative technology solutions, state-of-the-art tech rental equipment, and the supporting infrastructure. With ABCOMRENTS full service locations in Las Vegas, Chicago, Orlando and Dallas, our unparalleled service & logistical support allows us to produce flawless technology-rich events!
About Absen Inc.
Absen Inc. is the US subsidiary of Absen, a leading LED display manufacturer. Its thirty-acre southeast China facility is ideally located in the center of the globe’s tech-manufacturing base. With a monthly capacity of over 75 million LEDs, this sophisticated factory creates cutting edge products that lead the LED industry in design, performance and efficiency. Absen Inc. the US subsidiary headquartered in Orlando FL has expanded its U.S. team by hiring local industry experts with extensive knowledge of market conditions, client needs and industry standards. Absen provides clients with high quality, innovative LED products at a great value.
Learn more about Absen at usabsen.com.

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