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AVWeek Is Now an Award-Nominated Podcast

It’s not often we get to toot our own horn. Today is one of those times. AVWeek has been nominated for one of the 12th Annual Podcast Awards. We are up against some other very good shows including the Bacon Podcast which just sounds awesome to me.

According to the producers of the Podcast Awards, there were over 1,000 submissions and we made the cut for the top ten of those. That in itself is pretty remarkable. It’s also a testimony to the strength of our team.

AVWeek, and AVNation, is not just me. It never really has been. Even in the beginning some great AV professionals have come along side me and done some pretty heavy lifting. We have had volunteers create our graphics, help with social media, creating and maintaining the website, and teach me how to run a business. Some great people who create some incredible videos and music for your enjoyment. All of our hosts and producers give of their time while still being in the audio video industry. I think that’s remarkable.

It’s also important to point out our underwriters. These are the companies who support AVNation financially. Without them, we would not be able to create the programs, videos, and cover the trade shows. So, thank you all so very much.

From a business standpoint, AVNation is just me. I am the sole proprietor. It wasn’t something I was aiming to do but for the time being it makes sense. There’s a great team of advisors who help me make smart decisions. But the bottom line for both good and bad, it stops with me.

So, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who have gotten AVNation, and me, to this point. This award nomination and the success of AVNation would not have been possible without your hard work, passion for the industry, and unrelenting drive toward making AVNaton the network for the audio video industry.

As far as the award nomination goes; we wait. The organization that runs the award have a judging panel that will look at each show and grade them. They have not released the date of the awards yet but I will certainly let you know when the winners are announced. In the meantime, the awards are a great place to check out some new shows in areas you may not have thought of before.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Have a great week.

2 thoughts on “AVWeek Is Now an Award-Nominated Podcast

  1. Tim and Crew. This is such a richly deserved acknowledgement of your efforts and success. Congratulations! Best of luck from Greene and the Teams from Advanced AV

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