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Add if, then function to Control4 systems

4Sight enables homeowner personalization and intercom anywhere capabilities;

OS 2.10 brings additional native streaming music services.

San Diego, CA – CEDIA Expo 2017, September 7, 2017 9 a.m. ET – Control4 Corporation (NASDAQ: CTRL), a leading global provider of smart home solutions, announces a series of new capabilities with today’s release of Control4® 4Sight service at CEDIA 2017 in San Diego, CA. Leading the industry, Control4 unveiled a new homeowner customization functionality called When >> Then Automation and a new audio/video Intercom App that enables homeowners to receive door station intercom calls on their mobile devices, at home or away. Part of the Control4 OS 2.10 software release, new native streaming music services from iHeartRadio® and Spotify® are also available today on Control4 systems.
Smart Home Personalization and Fine-Tuning after the Pro Install
After a dealer completes a Control4 installation and homeowners have the chance to experience living in their smart homes, the family often wants to tweak and fine-tune the automation without having to engage their dealer to make simple adjustments. The ability for homeowners to “edit” and “add” to the automation within their home has been a top request by both Control4 customers and dealers. When >> Then, now included with the Control4 4Sight service, is an intuitive, easy-to-use web interface, enabling customers to make adjustments to the automation settings in their homes directly, personalizing their Control4 system at any time after the installation.
“Combined with the skills and stability of a professional installation by trained and certified Control4 Dealers, we’re enabling a perfect blend of professional expertise with a homeowner’s ability to establish and change their automation preferences,” said Martin Plaehn, Control4 CEO. “As homeowners live with and adjust their personalized Control4 home to match the way they live, we believe they will expand their smart home with additional devices and integrated systems, which is great repeat business for our network of expert Control4 Dealers.” 
For the first time, Control4 provides homeowners with the direct ability to create smart home actions when a button is pressed, when motion is detected, when a condition occurs, when it’s a specific time, or when a door is opened or closed. For example, with When >> Then, homeowners can change the schedule for the porch light, change which music plays when a living room keypad button is pressed, or send a push notification when the garage door is opened.
Control4’s When >> Then personalization takes a simple approach; the user selects a When (on a schedule, with a touch of a button, or after an event) and selects a Then action to take place (turn on a light, start a playlist, or send a push notification). Homeowners who subscribe to the 4Sight service and have OS 2.10 installed will have immediate access to the When >> Then on customer.control4.com. A video of When >> Then is here:  https://control4.wistia.com/medias/7r3yu2ag73
Intercom Anywhere for Peace of Mind
Also available today with the 4Sight service is the new Control4 Intercom App for iOS and Android devices. Homeowners can now receive Control4 Door Station and audio/video intercom calls directly on their mobile devices, providing them visibility and access to their front gate or front door from anywhere in the world. Unique to Control4, while on a call in the Intercom App, with a single tap, homeowners can activate their Control4 automation such as turn on lights, open the gate, or unlock the front door without leaving the app; a perfect blend of peace of mind and home control.
Control4 offers a complete intercom system with a high-end door station, dedicated touch screens, and doorbell cameras built for durability and premium audio/video quality. Whether in the home or away, homeowners can now receive incoming audio/video intercom calls on their mobile device or call from their mobile phone to Control4 Touchscreens installed throughout out the home for the most complete connected home intercom solution.
The Control4 Intercom App is now available for early access to Control4 Dealers through the company’s beta program.
4Sight, the Must-Have Subscription Service for the Control4 Smart Home
Focusing on providing homeowners fantastic smart home experiences, the newly enhanced 4Sight service via the Control4 OS 2.10 release includes:

  • When >> Then Automation
    • After a dealer completes the initial install, homeowners can use When >> Then Automation to fine-tune their smart home.
  • Intercom App for iOS and Android
    • Get audio/video calls from your door station to a mobile phone and to touchscreens in the house, ensuring that no matter where you are, you’re always connected and can see who’s at the door.
  • Voice Control with Amazon Alexa
    • Easily set up the Control4 Smart Home Skill for Amazon Alexa and start using voice commands to control a home. Available in the U.S., UK and Germany.
  • Remote Home Access
    • From anywhere in the world, homeowners are able to check on the house, turn off lights, close garage doors, and view security cameras.
  • Push Notifications
    • Receive push notifications to a mobile device when events, such as the garage door opens, or a door is unlocked at home.
  • Apple Watch
    • Easily adjust the temperature, pause the music, or adjust the volume right from your wrist.

OS 2.10 Adds New Native Streaming Music Services
Today, iHeartRadio and Spotify join the Control4 native streaming service roster that includes Deezer®, Napster®, Pandora®, TIDAL®, and TuneIn®. Control4’s native implementation enables customers to select a favorite playlist, album, or station within the Control4 App and stream it throughout their home using their EA Series controller without any additional media players. As always, homeowners can begin streaming music from all available services for which they have accounts through their Control4 Touchscreen, handheld system remote, voice control, programmable keypad, and Control4 mobile app.
The Control4 OS 2.10 is available today for new and existing Control4 systems. The 4Sight annual subscription service is $100 U.S. MSRP.
For more information on Control4 visit www.control4.com.
About Control4
Control4 [NASDAQ: CTRL] is a leading global provider of automation and networking systems for homes and businesses, offering personalized control of lighting, music, video, comfort, security, communications, and more into a unified smart home system that enhances the daily lives of its consumers. Control4 unlocks the potential of connected devices, making networks more robust, entertainment systems easier to use, homes more comfortable and energy efficient, and provides families more peace of mind. Today, every home and business needs automation horsepower and a high-performance network to manage the increasing number of connected devices. The Control4 platform interoperates with more than 10,500 third-party consumer electronics products, ensuring an ever-expanding ecosystem of devices will work together. Control4 is now available in 90 countries. Leveraging a professional channel that includes over 5,200 custom integrators, retailers, and distributors authorized to sell the full-line of Control4 products, Pakedge branded networking solutions and Triad Speakers, Control4 is delivering intelligent solutions for consumers, major consumer electronics companies, hotels, and businesses around the world. 

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