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MarkAudio-SOTA Teams up with VPI Industries and PS Audio at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

TThe room’s dual systems will feature PS Audio’s Stellar Gain components paired with MarkAudio-SOTA’s Cesti Towers, Viotti One bookshelf speakers as well as highlight the new Tozzi speakers, utilizing PS Audio’s new Sprout integrated amplifier and VPI Industries’ Cliffwood Turntable
Denver, CO (RMAF) – October 6th, 2017 – MarkAudio-SOTA invites you to “hear our difference” at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, October 6-8, where we will be hosting the premiere of our unique, single driver Tozzi One & Tozzi Two loudspeakers, along with our full roster of tower and bookshelf loudspeakers. Offering the rich midrange that is typical of a wide-range, single speaker design, the Tozzi series of speakers are excellent for near-field listening whether mounted on a desktop, bookshelf, wall or tripod. They’re the perfect combination of superb quality and affordability that will appeal to millennials looking to enter the audiophile market.
To provide listeners with a rewarding experience at the show, MarkAudio-SOTA will offer two separate demos. The first system teams the company’s tower and bookshelf speakers with PS Audio’s Stellar Gain Cell DAC and Stellar S300 Power Amplifier. The Stellar Gain Cell DAC provides an exception analog preamplifier combined with a full-featured DAC. Fully balanced circuitry and a Class-A preamplifier result in a rich, full-bodied sound sent to the Stellar S300 amplifier. The amplifier employs a Class-A analog input stage with a Class-D output stage to ensure the speakers are driven with both grace and slam to produce outstanding sound.
MarkAudio-SOTA’s second system will showcase the ability and affordability of the $495 Tozzi speakers with PS Audio’s new $499 Sprout integrated amplifier and VPI Industries’ $900 Cliffwood turntable for an excellent starter system that won’t break the bank. The pure sound of LPs will spin on VPI’s new entry-level turntable that will feed the Sprout’s internal phono stage.  The little Sprout still offers numerous other inputs and a sizeable 50-Watt per channel built-in amplifier that offers more than enough to power the Tozzi speakers at a price that will be as attractive as the sound quality.
“MarkAudio-SOTA is really excited to exhibit our new Tozzi One & Two near-field monitor speakers at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest,” said Dwight Sakuma – President of MarkAudio-SOTA North America. “The highly detailed sound that these speakers offer from their stylish, yet discreet profile is sure to impress the younger generation looking for an affordable way into the high-end, audiophile market.”
MarkAudio-SOTA invites media to stop by our exhibition room (3009), or schedule a private meeting, to demo the amazingly natural sound that comes from using wide-range drivers. Please contact Mike Wood or look for Mike or Dwight Sakuma in the MarkAudio-SOTA suite at the show!
About MarkAudio-SOTA:
MarkAudio-SOTA loudspeakers come from a dream team of specialists in each aspect of speaker design-including speaker drivers, voice coils, seamless crossovers, and cabinets-to build best-in-class sounding speakers with build quality and visual appeal to match. Combining the collective knowledge of audio science and flow dynamics with innovation, Markaudio-SOTA utilizes custom components designed and engineered from the ground up. The company’s relentless pursuit of quality is evident in both its collaborations and its product. Working in close cooperation with MarkAudio, LTD., a longtime favorite in the custom speaker building market, MarkAudio-SOTA combines custom versions of Mark Fenlon’s wide frequency range driver designs with minimal control networks from industry expert Scott Lindgren. Add custom voice coils by Matsubara San, a 35-year transducer veteran, and cabinets by renowned designer Andrea Ponti to that driver-crossover combination and the result is a superb rendering of sound in speakers that will exceed consumer expectations. Markaudio-SOTA is truly a greater sum than all of its parts. For more, go to markaudio-sota.us.

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