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Bradford’s Brain Balloons Column #0019 – Change is Constant

Well except from vending machines

Many of you are aware I have been impacted by the closing of the Harman Elkhart, IN office. I am not going to discuss the closing itself. I also will clearly indicate that I am currently (Friday, October 13, 2017) still employed by Harman.

This upcoming change in employment is a little unsettling of course. A few proactive items have made the process easier I think. Admittedly being laid off is different from other separations from work. Being prepared though will still make the impact easier to handle no matter the reason.

I have a habit of checking over my resume at least once a year. Just to keep it current for any requests. I do not think a resume is just for job hunting. It is a good tool to provide to magazines or other media when they want some background about me. In addition, when performance reviews and compensation discussions are taking place, having highlights can be very helpful to remind you of what you have done. I update the resume when I receive a certification, an award, present at a conference … anything that is a positive when talking about qualifications.

It is also a good idea to update the resume to keep things current that you might forget about. For instance, I debated about whether or not to include some of the blog posts I have written. Indicating a contribution to AVNetwork’s content is worth noting. It might not be worth noting on the single page resume, but providing a link to it in a cover email or from a resume website would be helpful. It provides me a way to share examples of my work. I do not however list everything I do with AVNation but I do indicate my position and provide a link to the site.

Once I realized I was going to be looking for future employment, I told everyone I know and people I didn’t know. When the closing of the offices became public knowledge, it was easy for me to address the issue head on. Before I informed my coworkers and clients that I was leaving I had to decide how and what I wanted to share. I also had to decide how to handle the time from September 12 to the projected separation date. I quickly decided that I am going to transition out providing my clients the best chance of continued success. I am taking the same approach within Harman. I am documenting “institutional knowledge” of 17 years. I also am making introductions to the person who will be the key point of contact in my place. There are a few reasons, but the easiest one is that I have personal pride and want to keep my reputation a good one.

I told my direct coworkers and then announced to the public. I told people my plan to transfer information and responsibilities to a coworker. I also made sure people know I am available for employment. If you notice, I have not indicated my separation date. The primary reason is until I get a formal notification of my separation date, it can change.

Once I posted on LinkedIn, emailed contacts, and posted on other media, companies and people were reaching out to me to help. People were forwarding my resumes to their friends. Other people were contacting me directly to see what my plans and thoughts are. I went from feeling rejected to feeling pretty dang good about myself. Remember “personal pride and reputation,” I have had that my entire career and people notice.

Once I had a chance to catch my breath, it was time to start on the task of determining what I wanted to do next for employment. I started making a list of things I like doing and things I don’t like doing. For instance, I like working with technology; I do not like having to worry about a sales quota. I wish I had been keeping track of these items before. It would have made the list easier. From this list I was able to decide what future jobs interest me. It also has made it easier to answer questions during interviews as many of the answers are on the list already.

I hope by sharing some of the things I am going through it gives you an opportunity to better plan for changes in your workplace, whether determined by you or not.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go check some application statuses. No, I have not made a decision yet. If you are interested in hiring me, check out BradfordBenn.com please. Nothing has been ruled out yet.

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