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A Dive into HDBaseT over the Network

HDBaseT World Congress Day 2

Let’s talk about audio video over IP. This is not a new concept in the world of commercial, or residential, AV. Just Add Power, SVSi, AVnu Alliance/AVB/TSN, SDVoE Alliance, and other solutions are certainly already on the market. So why would HDBaseT go down this road and how do they plan on making themselves unique?
Dynamically adjusting the bandwidth needed.
“The world is evolving and we need to make sure we evolve with it and continue to support those changes,” Daniel Shwartzberg, director of customer experience for HDBaseT Alliance said as he began.
The new HDBaseT over IP will allow manufacturers and by extension, integrators, the ability to change the compression applied to the video which will adjust how much bandwidth is required. Lightly compressed, 3:1, will require a 10 gig network down to 20:1 compression which only needs a 1 gig network. Without stating the obvious, the more you compress a signal the more video quality you lose.
Remember what makes up the data of a video signal. You have the resolution (1080, 4K, etc), color sampling (4:4:4, 4:2:2, etc), refresh rates, and now HDR information. When you compress you eliminate necessary information that could impact the overall quality of your video signal. That is why lightly compressed video over the network is optimal especially for high detail video such as architectural drawings and spreadsheets. Full motion video is more forgiving to being compressed than a Powerpoint presentation or Excel spreadsheet would be.
As consumers push for more connectivity, broader distribution of the video between networks, and interoperable systems the push to the network is going to be inevitable. This is why the growth of AV over IP is growing by 130% over the next few years.
As we wrap up today, this has been the best part of the day. After a morning of talking about HDCP and HDMI standards, this look into the philosophy of HDBaseT’s step into video over the network has been enlightening.

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