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Every Month is AVMonth

A Guest blog by Brad Grimes:
News flash: InfoComm International is now AVIXA, the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association. What does that mean? Among other things, it means every month is AV Month.
In past years, your AV association and many in the industry celebrated AV Month in a variety of ways, not the least of which was taking the AV industry’s message to schools, potential customers, and allied trades—how cool new AV technology is; how AV is a great career choice; how AV can be a strategic technology asset across a slew of different organizations; how trained, expert AV professionals can integrate AV experiences so they achieve the right results. Now, with AV at the very forefront of the association’s identity, we’re more committed than ever to delivering those same messages year-round.
In March, it was to the American Council on Education. In June, it was to the design community at InfoComm’s first-ever Technology. Innovation. Design. Experience (TIDE) conference. In September, it was to the retail industry at IRDC 2017. Just this month it was to the financial services industry at the American Bankers Association Annual Convention.
Next month, AVIXA will be in New York, talking about AV to the hospitality industry at a pair of conferences—BDNY 2017 and Hotel Experience 2017. And we’re taking the message to Europe, at the Retail Week Interiors conference in London, and OEB 2017 in Berlin, a global conference about learning technology. In all these cases, we let the experiences do the talking. We don’t sit in front of a room and talk about AVIXA; we bring AV pros with us and let them talk about how they’ve helped clients in the various markets. Or we bring champions within those markets to testify to the power of AV.
And we’re just getting started. Industry awareness is a key strategic initiative for the coming years—effectively taking a cornerstone component of what was AV Month and stretching it out over 365 days. For 75-plus years, we were focused on this industry; now, we’re also focused on helping grow the global market for what this industry creates. As an association, AVIXA is in the unique position to toot your horns when you’re too busy creating awesome AV solutions to do it yourselves. We’ll be doing it long after all the Halloween goblins have gone away. We know you will, too.

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