Why a book club for audio visual professionals?

One of the people I have been mentored by in my career is the owner of an AV firm in the midwest. Nearly every time he and I get together he gives me a book to read. His mantra is “if you’re not reading to better yourself and your company at least thirty minutes a day, then it’s just a hobby.”

We started the AV Profession podcast with the idea of helping you run your audio-visual business. The majority of our programs focuses on the technology, services, and experiences you can create for the customer. There has been little to help those who run the operations make solid staffing decisions, financing, or sales development. That was what we hoped to do with the AV Profession. As with any new endeavor, there are bound to be adjustments and changes as you fully realize the potential of a new idea. Our flagship program, AVWeek, is drastically different than it was six years ago when we started. The AV Profession show will still offer five to ten-minute nuggets of advice from all aspects of running a successful audio-visual business. In addition, we’re going to introduce you to some of the best business, leadership, and sales speakers and authors once a month.

As AVIXA has developed and evolved AVEC (the AV Executive Conference) over the last four years it has been my pleasure to interview a number of the authors and speakers who have graced that stage. I’ve gotten to know Theresa Payton, Mark Jeffries, Stephen Covey, Jr., Ian Altman, and others. I’ve read books from a number of these authors and have been able to put into practice parts of their strategies into running AVNation.

What we will do is announce a month ahead of time who we will be interviewing. A link will be provided so you can purchase the book they are currently talking about. The other aspect I wanted to include was the ability for you to ask questions of these authors. If you’ve ever been to a business conference you know these speakers get swamped afterward. As you read along in the book and a question or comment comes to you, fill out the form on the announcement page and ask away. I’ll do my best to get to as many as possible.

The first month we are interviewing a gentleman who has helped me out tremendously in the last year I have known him. His book, Same Side Selling, makes sense to me as a win-win selling strategy. Check out the page for Ian Altman and our first author for the AV Profession Book Club.

Have a great day.

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