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World's First HDBaseT Computer Output Card

advoli Launches World’s First HDBaseT Certified PCIe Graphics Card

December 12, 2017 – Advoli Limited (advoli™) announced this week the advoli TA6 Graphics Card, the world’s first HDBaseT™ certified PCIe 16x graphics card.  The TA6 Graphics Card, powered by the AMD Embedded Radeon™ E9550 Series GPU, delivers six HDBaseT channels with independent 4K (UHD) resolution videos over 100 meters distance, using CAT cables.
Engineering samples can be pre-ordered by audiovisual system integrators, distributors and companies, with expected delivery in February 2018. The full commercial launch of the advoli TA6 Graphics Card will be at ISE 2018 in Amsterdam, where advoli will have a live demo at the HDBaseT Alliance booth (Hall 5, Booth S100).
In addition to audio and video, the advoli TA6 Graphics Card comes with HDBaseT and cable diagnostics, pass-through IR (in/out), full emulated controls – encoding/decoding of IR, RS232 and CEC signals through serial command interface. These features and remote diagnostic capabilities simplify support for system integrators of audiovisual installations.
“The advoli TA6 is the first HDBaseT-certified graphics card, bringing significant benefits to AV manufacturers and integrators from around the world,” said Ariel Sobelman, President, HDBaseT Alliance. “It features unique characteristics that optimize the delivery of high-quality content to 4K display walls, desktops, and video walls, while leveraging the HDBaseT advantages of long-distance (100m) transmission and convergence of different signals over the same cable. By certifying the product from the start, advoli highlights the importance of the certification process, as it facilitates interoperability and ease of installation among different products.”
The advoli TA6 Graphics Card has a modular design, and can use various Type A and Type B MXM modules, allowing for easy upgrades to more processing power in the future. The advoli TA6 Graphics Card provides a high–performance experience, thanks to the integrated AMD Embedded Radeon E9550 Series GPU. No custom advoli drivers are needed. Future TA6 Graphics Cards will be available with lower processing power, delivering FHD over 150 meters per hop, targeting lower cost and greater distance installations.
“The AMD Embedded Radeon E9550 Series GPU offers premium performance in an ultra-dense form factor with an efficient thermal design power profile, enabling advoli to run six channels in 4K resolution while still harnessing additional processing power to drive more advanced applications,” said Stephen Turnbull, Director of Product Marketing, AMD Enterprise Solutions. “We are pleased to support customers of all sizes in designing flexible and long-lasting embedded solutions for a number of industries such as digital signage, medical displays, industrial applications and more.”
Advoli Limited is a registered Hong Kong company with its technology development office in Taipei, Taiwan, founded by two Norwegian nationals, Clas Sivertsen and Paul Torkehagen aiming to create disruptive technology for the audiovisual industry. For more information on advoli and the advoli TA6 Graphics Card, please visit the advoli website: www.advoli.com
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