My First InfoComm: Confessions of an End-User

This is my first time attending InfoComm.  Working in events, I am an End-User in this industry. I know quite a bit, enough to do my job and work with partners to create the best experiences and I’m proud of the work we do. However, in this environment I am surrounded by a technical knowledge and complexity that I don’t quite understand. I mean, I don’t have to, I got these folks here to help me.

I am excited to bring you my perspective of this industry, this technology, all from a first-time, end-user, InfoComm attendee. Strap-in.

Day 0

While I feel like a new attendee, I am technically an exhibitor. I am here work with AVNation and to prep for this event I reviewed past video content. These guys are funny. They have a joy and humor that I can really appreciate. Which is good, I’m about to spend six days with them in a cramped and crazy show environment.

While I did not fully understand the complexity and details of all technology discussed in these interviews, I connected with the nerdy passion that comes from working in an industry you truly love. Most of my shows involve pop culture and video games, where I can geek out about obscure comic book characters or our new favorite D&D podcasts. When I design in these spaces I am inspired by everything from movies to Cirque to Disneyland. The immersive and powerful experiences I enjoy creating are powered by the AV and innovation of many of the people attending InfoComm 2018.

How cool is that?

Next up, Day 1.

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