Fourth Times a Charm

AVNation kicks off NYDSW live from Times Square

For the fourth year now, Daktronics has opened their offices to the AVNation crew. We have kicked off New York Digital Signage Week (NYDSW) each Monday of the event with a live broadcast from the Times Square offices of Daktronics for the last four years. This year we were supplanted by a day as Daily DOOH’s Adrian Cotterill joined Chris Neto for Neto’s weekly #AVintheAM chat on Twitter.

If you’re not familiar with the #AVintheAM chat, nor how to follow along to a chat, here’s a quick how-to. First, a hashtag (#) centric chat like #AVintheAM requires you to be able to follow along or filter your Twitter feed looking for phrases or, in this case, hashtags. Once you’ve done this, only #AVintheAM related posts will show up in that filter. Each Sunday morning at around 8 am ET Chris Neto puts out a number of topics and the AV universe that is on Twitter began to comment and debate. It is generally a great discussion with a broad range of topics and participants from around the globe.

So, Mr. Neto and Mr. Cotterill really kicked off NYDSW 2018. We came along probably third or fourth in relation to other events that have started taking place on Mondays. The guests are listed below. You can watch a recap of the show. Thank you to Daktronics for their advertising help with our coverage of New York Digital Signage Week 2018.

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