ATEN VP2730: a review

AVNation’s review of the ATEN VP2730 seamless switcher

The ATEN VP2730 is a presentation switcher. The device has seven inputs and three outputs. The outputs include 2 HDMI and an HDBaseT signal. ATEN’s VP2730 supports up to a 1080p at 60Hz signal through either the HDMI or DisplayPort inputs. It does have a streaming option but that was not tested for this review.

Upon unboxing the ATEN VP2730 the first thing to note is the size. The switcher is a full rack wide but not quite a rack space tall. All inputs and outputs are on the back. One note about the back of the switcher, there is a power switch that must be flipped or you will get nothing from the device.

We used both a Sony camera as well as the ATEN 8950 HDMI extender with a Macbook feeding it as the sources. This was so we could gauge the effectiveness of the switching.

This may be one of the fastest seamless switchers I have ever used. When pushing the input buttons from input 1 and input 2 were very quick. You can watch the video below. It’s not clear quite how ATEN is able to accomplish such fast switching but it is one of the fastest.

The setup of the ATEN VP2730 is simple and straightforward. Like a number of signal infrastructure manufacturers, they still have support for VGA. The 7 x 3 framework makes this device ideal for education classroom and simple boardrooms. The PiP is a nice function but I’ve not come across an office that uses this feature. There are plenty of use cases in education, and there may be some companies that do employ this feature I’ve just not come across them.

Overall the ATEN VP2730 is a solid seamless switcher. The switching speed is incredibly impressive. With a price point of around $2,000 this switcher would be well worth the money.

5 out of 5 stars See video below.

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