IT and AV comes together for collaboration with ViewSonic displays

ViewSonic helps IT and AV work together

BREA, Calif. – ViewSonic, a leading global provider of display solutions, is addressing the convergence of audio-visual and information technology teams that is now a central aspect of creating integrated solutions for collaboration and organizational productivity. The boundaries between these two functions continue to blur as they and solutions providers work together for the benefit of end users as their top priority.

A key driver of this trend is the ongoing evolution of content service technologies under sometimes confusing terminologies such as content services platforms, content collaboration platforms, digital experience platforms, web content management and customer communications management. Moreover, there are many other related considerations that the AV and IT worlds must bridge in a proactive approach.

“The digital transformation of today’s workspace is dependent on experts in AV and IT, whether internal or third-party, joining with technology providers to design and implement systems that merge best-in-class solutions,” said Jeff Volpe, President of ViewSonic Americas. “When that happens, advanced interactive displays and collaboration software solutions will serve as the hub for enabling people to connect, collaborate and create as intuitively and seamlessly as possible.”

The result is a necessity to integrate these formerly siloed AV and IT groups to effectively address organizational strategies and end user needs. Both sides must become adept at blending their capabilities to address aspects including interactive whiteboards, cameras, networked devices, cloud-based interaction, screen mirroring, platform-agnostic access to resources, IoT sensors, system capacities and more.

A white paper on the convergence of AV and IT teams is available here.

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