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Projector screen versus flat panel. Analog versus digital. LED versus incandescent. These are debates that rage throughout the audio visual industry. AVCrossTalk pits two AV industry professionals against each other along with a moderator to debate the merits of each side.

From the show floor of InfoComm 2015, our AV CrossTalk debate show tackles AV over IP. The topic of audiovisual signals over the network still continues.

On this episode of AVCrosstalk Tom LeBlanc, Editor of Commercial Integrator magazine Moderates the debate over Design Build vs Design Bid.

Which method of video presentation is the future?  Kirsten Nelson of SCN Magazine Moderates the debate between Victoria Ferrari and Malissa Dillman.

What are the prefect lights for Christmas?  Which promotes world peace more?  Josh Srago and  Phil ‘Hi-Phi’ Cordell take on this timely topic.  Look for the appearance of a special guest direct from the North Pole. Happy Holidays to all.

This Months AVC debate touches on another hot topic – Sales Rep vs. Direct debate. Join  Mark Coxon and Josh Srago  and Moderator Chuck Espinoza

Episode 1’s debate topic: With the escalating convergence of AV + IT, is the bell already beginning to toll for the audiovisual industry.  

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