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David Danto speaks with av industry innovators, audio visual product developers and av installation designers about the growing Internet of Things and wireless mesh networking, and how these evolving topologies are changing the audiovisual industry. Be on the look out for a new show the last Tuesday of each month.

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The latest insights from Zoomtopia, and looking at the future of the UC space.

Looking at the advances in Unified Communications in the last fifty years, since we took a trip to the moon.

Discussing the latest in collaboration and communication software from Enterprise Connect 2019.

The latest showcase of technology for the AV industry coming out of CES 2019.

Transitioning clients to digital workplaces. Helping audiovisual integrators deploy Huddle Room spaces. The latest in interactive whiteboard spaces.

Polycom gets purchased by Plantronics. Cisco axes Spark. The evolving landscape of audiovisual unified communications.

From Integrated Systems Europe and Enterprise Connect, what is the latest in unified communications and audiovisual technology?

Google, language translators, OLED, blackouts, and more at CES 2018

On this episode of Connected, we wrap up the year in UCC talking about the impact of GAFA, whether huddle spaces are still a thing, and where connectivity goes from here.

As part of the Sapphire Marketing NYC Roadshow, David Danto moderated a panel discussion on the upcoming Infocomm 2017 Emerging Trends Day, (to be held on June 13), with an engaging panel including Micheal Sinclair, Joel Silver, and Daniel Jackson. The sometimes boisterous discussion covers a wide range of topics. Host: David Danto Guests: Michael … Read more

David speaks with Mike Sinclair about Infocomm’s Emerging Trends Seminar,the Sapphire Marketing Roadshow, what is new in audio trends, a troubling trend with architects, and an a review of PepCom’s Digital Experience.

Team collaboration software has come into its own and is a stealth giant. Is this the long awaited email ‘killer’ or a new platform which expands existing tools.

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