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SnapAV and Control4 merge together. What’s in store for both companies moving forward.

AVIXA unveils their AV Experience Awards. The process of envisioning AV solutions as an experience for consumers.

Looking at the potential of wellness AV solutions for the home.

The value of introducing the next generation of the workforce to AV and get them invested.

When it comes to working together for a programming project, everyone has their part to play.

Taking the high road and avoiding burning any bridges when taking over a project.

The best value of any show is the ability to network, even though right now we should be socially distancing.

The formation and impact of the We Do Women’s Empowerment seminar.

The various security systems in place to protect people in dangerous situations.

The benefits of working together as a team in the workplace.

The dangers of micromanaging age groups in the workplace.

Megan Dutta discusses what considerations a company should make before growing globally.

Brad Kult discusses what programmers do to ensure their client’s systems are safe and secure.

Steve Brawner discusses SnapAV’s acquisition of Custom Plus.

Scott Tiner talks about HETMA, and what they are doing for integrators within the higher education space.

Discussing the value of pre-designed collaboration spaces within the workplace.

How to properly step back for a second and assess your business so you know how to proceed forward.

How integrators can utilize new technology like virtual reality and augmented reality to better showcase their projects to clients.

As the popularity (and sustainability) of ESports grows, should schools be taking advantage of this upswing?

Where to get started when thinking about AV as a service for your business.

Cisco and Neat get into a lawsuit over trade secret theft. How does litigation like this affect the image and standing of a company?

Best Buy throws their hat into the residential space. How can local integrators stack up against large companies?

VuWall and LG form a partnership to create control room solutions. The power of two companies working together.

Looking at managed service solutions and how they can benefit both programmer and client.

Are solar panels worth looking into for an integrator?

When it comes to designing a classroom, what comes first?

What can integrators do to get the next generation of the workforce interested in AV?

Using the advent of new technology to update the classroom as we know it.

The internet of things is ever expanding. How can it go further in the workplace?

Taking a new approach to troubleshooting systems and software.

What goes into designing a smart home setup for your clients.

Outlining the process of designing sound for films like Jumanji: The Next Level.

Artificial Intelligence is becoming less science fiction and more reality. Where does it fit within the IT and AV space?

As the smart home grows smarter, how can we keep our data secure?

Digital Signage is a staple of any campus, but how can we set it up without the hassle?

The AV User Group and AQ-AV form a partnership. How partnerships like these help manufacturers and end-users.

When running a business, sometimes it’s imperative to step back and take stock of things from a different perspective.

Texas legislation has a discussion about PoE wiring pulling. Are laws like these a help or hindrance for integrators?

Digital Service is a must-have for higher education. But is it smarter to use it as a service rather than buy it in one lump sum?

Crestron’s DM NVX recieves JITC certification. What does this mean for Crestron and integrators?

Counterfeit AV is becoming a serious threat to integrators and consumers. What can we do to make sure we’re getting the authentic product?

Live chat services can be a great way for integrators to interact with their customers and clients. But is it essential for every business?

What programming languages programmers should be investing in to bring their systems to the next level.

The internet is full of information! However, some of it isn’t up to snuff. How do we keep our clients correctly informed?

Looking at the potential for unique experiences in AV when combining digital signage installations and augmented reality.

With networks expanding and IoT devices becoming more ubiquitous, manufacturers need to take considerations in making new IoT solutions.

Looking at the future technology to be implemented with digital signage solutions.

As stated, showrooms and experience centers can be a boon for consumers and integrators alike. Getting them in the doors is the hard part.

How programmers can bring their control systems to the next level.

Showrooms and experience centers can be a huge boon, not just for consumers but your team just as much.

If you make a marketing misstep, here’s how to stop yourself from digging any deeper in trouble.

Making sure your systems are ready for the next quarter.

Manage your projects effectively by using smarts and parts.

How hard can setting an AV over IP really be? How about setting it up in a classroom, or twenty classrooms?

What a company should consider before expanding globally.

Using Key Performance Indicators to you and your business’s advantage.

What you can do for your company and your clients with the approaching prince hikes from tariffs.

Is there a place for IoT devices in the classroom?

Discussing globalization and understanding what it means to be a truly global AV company.

Tips for turning your data into meaningful growth for your company.

Every business has their cooldown periods. But how can we stay active within those times of torpor?

Savant and Apple Home Kit provide new options like remote controlled breakers. As cool as that sounds, is it actually useful?

Looking at the applications of transparent LCD screens. What’s the best place for this kind of solution?

Crestron partners with Domotz. How much does it take to get integrators to take advantage of partnerships like these?

A fairly consequential vulnerability is found in Zoom’s zero-day client patch. Breaking down how they handled the situation.

Control4 showcases Home OS 3. How smart home control systems have been shaken up by the advent of smartphones.

Biamp acquires Community Speakers. Looking at what brought on this purchase.

Merry Christmas! The importance of troubleshooting and testing to make sure the next project goes off without a hitch.

Google turns “Works With Nest” into “Works With Google Assistant”. What does this mean for the developers involved in these programs?

Tips on how an integrator can get involved with an architectural team.

A Hong Kong institute hosts the largest touch video wall in the world. Where else could a large-scale touch wall be best utilized?

Highlighting the value of an internalized technology team for architectural projects.

Over 200 million 4K displays are expected to be shipped by 2024. Looking at the state of displays in both 4K and 8K.

Projects get bigger, and deadlines get shorter. What’s a programmer to do?

Amazon unveils Alexa Guard, making an echo a potential security device. How reliable is it?

How to plan an effective marketing strategy for your business.

As unified communication systems progress, it’s imperative to have a solid foundation for your network.

Google discontinues the Works With Nest program. What does this mean for both companies moving forward?

AVIXA’s IOTA predicts a huge surge in profitability for the industry. How manufacturers can take advantage of this uptick.

Utilizing metrics to see where you’re headed with your business, and how to improve upon it.

SnapAV and Control4 make a $680 million merger. Surely the internet will has a reasoned response to this, right?

Boston University has students assisting the helpdesk with their Learning & Event Technology Services program. The value of learning on-site.

Is the future of hardware looking dicey due to the focus on software and peripherals?

Looking at the growth of Zoom and the Unified Communication space as a whole.

Anthem updates their ARC software. How solutions like these add a new level to the home theater market.

AVIXA sets the standards for trade show technology through their standards conformance officers. How do we keep our systems in working order?

What it takes to create a custom control system for residential and commercial spaces.

How exhibits can become a large experience with the application of AV systems like digital signage.

The Alliance for IP Media Solutions publishes a paper about open standards and AV over IP solutions. How impactful are these solutions to the AV industry?

What companies in the AV industry are doing to become a more diverse culture.

How security has become an important selling point for systems and solutions in the last decade.

What’s the difference in setting up a control system for an office or home?

Dish announces integration with Josh.ai. What this means for both companies moving forward.

It’s already that time of year again. What’s the best way to prepare you market calendar for the upcoming year?

Netgear opens a new support center for AV integrators. The power of having support in the field.

James Loudspeaker has a new MAC division. Where does it fall in the home audio market?

Looking at the application of Wi-Fi 6 across the campus.

How can integrators get involved with the growing Unified Communication market?

How courage can be an invaluable asset for any successful business leader.

B&W introduces a new line of wireless speakers for the home. Are audio enthusiasts interested in wireless solutions?

Looking at trends in wireless solutions and what could benefit from being added to the classroom of the future.

Digital Graffiti uses Christie projectors to create art through AV installations. Looking at the next step for AV as an art form.

Wi-Fi 6 is here. How will it change the way we set up networks?

Is it better to be bitter rivals with your competitors in the same field, or friendly adversaries?

US manufacturers are restricting more deals with Chinese companies like Huawei. What this could mean for you and your clients down the road.

Discussing the evolution of programming languages and the accessibility for programmers and integrators.

SnapAV gets into home security automation. Is there such a thing as a one-stop shop?

When it comes to furnitures, fixtures and equipment, a different approach is necessary for designing spaces that are modular.

What control system developers can do to stay ahead of the curve of the evolving AV market.

The importance of learning the lingo and terms for architects and integrators.

Aesthetix becomes the first AV company in India to be awarded AVIXA’s APEx designation. The power of awards and designations.

Looking at the Harman’s Development Conference and how it has progressed in the past few years.

With the addition of Disney+ into the streaming battle, how many streaming services do we need before it becomes too much?

Caster Communications discusses getting locked out of their social media accounts, and what it took to reclaim them.

As the internet becomes more ubiquitous and networks expand, how can we keep our information secure and private when it needs to be?

Hibersense showcases a smart home climate control system for multiple rooms under once HVAC. Looking at the potential of this product in several AV spaces.

Looking at AV a service and how it could be utilized within the classroom space.

Zoom recieves FedRAMP authorization. How important is this?

Delegation seems like a terrifying word, but it’s integral to running an efficient business.

Highlighting the value that comes when integrators and architects work together.

The value of bringing together the IT and AV departments across campus to become one cohesive unit.

How artificial intelligence and machine learning can assist processes in the AV field.

Cities in Texas are hit by ransomware. What can we do to protect our networks?

With the home and office becoming more connected than ever, it’s important to keep your network secure.

Google brings Stadia forward and promises latency free cloud-based gaming. Is it all smoke and mirrors or is Google big enough to pull it off?

Philips releases their new augmented reality display configurator for digital signage. How AR could be utilized in other parts of the AV industry.

Apple announces their own streaming service, AppleTV+. How many streaming services is too many?

Dish is offering a new revenue sharing incentive program for integrators. Looking at the impact of programs like these for the AV market.

Big Plans For Zoom AVWeek 400: Tom LeBlanc, Ednan Chaudhry and Adrian Doughty join host Tim Albright talking about Zoom’s market growth. Tom LeBlanc starts off talking about how Zoom has shaped the Unified Communication landscape, and what where this market growth will take them. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Tom LeBlanc – Commercial Integrator Ednan Chaudhry – Avenview … Read more

Sometimes all it takes to maintain good source code are a few tools to keep it in top shape. But what are those tools?

With Digital Signage coming together with AV more than ever, integrators could consider more digital signage options.

Looking at how both the Digital Signage and AV market are coming together into one cohesive unit.

Looking at the impact of conferences like Crestron Masters and getting face-to-face time with manufacturers and their systems.

Normally you’re not supposed to look at the comments, but that’s just for Youtube. When it comes to coding, comments are where all the important details are.

SnapAV launches a rewards program for dealers and integrators. Looking at how incentives (and deterrents) have been previously used in the AV industry.

What it takes to create a successful email campaign and save yourself from going straight into the trash folder.

Vaddio releases a new line for their RoboSHOT Elite series. Looking at where IT engineers and integrators differ when they consider camera options.

Why biophilia and other wellness AV solutions are worth looking into for integrators and end-users alike.

Everybody Playing Nice EDTech 76: Bill O’Donnell is joined by Gina Sansivero and Gaeson Taylor talking about Dante’s new AV over IP module. Gina Sansivero starts off talking about the impact of open standard solutions from a manufacturer’s perspective. Host: Bill O’Donnell Guests: Gina Sansivero – Atlas IED Gaeson Taylor – Drexel Links to sources: Commercial Integrator – Expansion … Read more

Poly’s new logo looks awfully similar to a gaming company called PDP Gaming. How does this kind of thing happen in the first place, and how does it get resolved?

Considering that most if not all companies are made of people, Human Resources is an integral part of running a business. But how do you plan that out?

Market correction is almost guaranteed in the future. How can integrators prepare their businesses and stay afloat?

As AV grows globally, how does it affect education institutions and smaller local integrators?

Looking at Vistacom’s experience center and how it works well for both customer and integrator.

They say Macs don’t get viruses or malware. Instead, they get vulnerabilities in important UC clients.

How much has Hollywood gotten right when it comes to next-gen AV technology? More importantly, how much did they get wrong?

How hackathons can provide insight on keeping systems secure and point out potential threats you might have been unaware of.

Understanding the processes that go into maintaining a cloud solution.

How shows like the International Builder Show fosters innovation in integrators and Manufacturers.

Understanding the stigma behind pre-fab buildings and how they can be utilized within the architectural space.

How video walls are making a big impact in office design, for both utility and reaching audiences.

The importance of building relationships between integrators and architects. No pun intended.

Allen & Heath adds control integration with Crestron, AMX and Extron to their solutions. What makes this a great thing for everyone involved, especially manufacturers.

The cloud is becoming a business standard. How integrators can assuage the process of cloud based solutions.

Best Buy’s Total Tech Support program reaches 1 million members. How can the mom and pop AV store hope to fight against such a large corporation?

Marketing strategies to consider whether you are a regional entity or just a local mom and pop kind of shop.

Multiple municipalities in Florida are attacked by ransomware, leading in $1 million in damages. How to protect you and your clients’ network.

Nest Secure is found to have a microphone built in, previously unreported. How does this even happen nowadays?

As video games become more than a niche, should higher education integrators look into creating training rooms for eSports?

Discussing Digital Signage Expo 2019 and how digital signage has grown into a section of its own within the AV market space.

The importance of keeping track of your metrics and setting goals to know where you’re going as a business.

Sonos and Sonance showcase architectural speakers for the Sonos amp. What happens when two audio powerhouses come together.

What goes into getting AV distributed across long distances at campuses and schools.

The tricky business of protecting end users against counterfeit products and ensuring they’re getting the real deal.

Does the future of AV reside in software-based platform ecosystems?

Plantronics merges with Polycom to become Poly. Looking at the future of the company and the UC space as a whole.

Samsung stops their production of 4K Blu-ray players. Is disk dying?

The expansion of what constitutes a service model, and how they impact our operation procedures.

Voice control and touch screens seem like features we can’t live without nowadays. How long will it take for facial recognition to reach the same status?

As the power of virtual reality and unifed communications grow, do we even need to physically attend conferences anymore?

Crestron changes Pyng into Crestron Home. Understanding the process of changing course mid-way through a product’s life cycle.

What to consider when futureproofing AV solutions for a commercial space.

How AV over IP solutions are taking the AV industry by storm, and what the future of AV might look like.

RTI launches a new training program they call RTIXCEL. The pros and cons to taking a class online and in person.

Just how much of a step up is the Spyder X80 compared to its older counterparts?

The AV industry has made its way into classrooms and stadiums, but are there other industries that could use some AV magic?

Broadsign acquires Digital Out of Home company Campsite. What this means for both companies moving forward.

Outsourcing help is sometimes inevitable for a job. How can you ensure you’re getting the help you need?

Looking at how manufacturers can support AV over IP solutions.

Steaming services like Amazon and Spotify are gaining more traction that ever, but does it compare to having that music in your hands?

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, there are almost too many social networking outlets. Learning the strengths and weaknesses of each platform and utilizing them effectively for marketing.

Kramer joins the Logitech Collaboration Program. What companies can do to improve the UC space.

The importance of planning with your team and working efficiently to avoid any mistakes or unnecessary return trips to the job site.

Tariffs are affecting all avenues of AV, even higher education. Looking at the potential lasting impacts.

Logitech showcases their new Logitech Tap collaboration software. What it takes to get everyone on the same page, or codec.

Discussing the qualities that make a good leader, and how to bring it out of your employees.

A group of plumbers manage to craft a successful and creative way to produce recurring monthly revenue. What the AV industry can learn from them.

Security is important for any business or academic space, but what is the line between being safe and overly complicated?

While updating usually decades-old audio solutions for houses of worship sounds easy, balancing budget and technology gets tricky.

How bans and tariffs on international companies like Huawei could affect the AV industry in the long run.

Smart lights and smart bulbs can be more than a surface-level home integration. Iit could be the gateway into more advanced smart home solutions.

GN Audio acquires Altia Systems. What this means for both companies and the

Discussing the potential classes that could be seen at future versions of Crestron Masters.

Savant adds 4K video to their AV over IP video tiling modules. Where this product fits in the residential space.

The importance of Building Information Modeling and other advancements in architectural design tools.

How things can get tricky when trying to define a “complete and working” system.

How AR and VR can open up new avenues in architectural design.

Biamp acquires Crowd Mics, opening the stage (almost literally) for wider dialogue between speaker and audience.

Crestron Master isn’t just for learning, it helps Crestron themselves be able to talk to manufacturers and engineers directly and hear them out.

Ring has reportedly been spying on customer feeds. The importance of trust between client and company when it comes to data.

Having a business without using metrics is like taking a road trip without a map. How do you know you’re going in the right direction?

Backing up everything sounds nice, but it can be a hassle. How do you know what’s the most important data to keep secure?

As exciting as shows like CES are for cutting edge technology, how much of it is just going to be vaporware?

Looking at the potential applications of HDMI 2.1 within the classroom.

AIMS, or the Alliance for IP Media Solutions is formed to promote AV-over-IP protocols. What this means for the industry.

How to get most out of your InfoComm 2019 experience.

It’s not a matter of whether you want to put video walls into campuses, but rather if you can afford to in the first place.

Video is coming to Dante. What led Audinate to expand Dante’s capabilities.

What choices to consider when backing up your systems and most important data.

Office Depot is looking to get into the custom installation game. Do they have an ace up their sleeves?

California makes new legislation concerning security on network devices. How this could impact the entire AV industry.

The importance of working with your team cohesively when troubleshooting control program systems.

Don’t let your favorite displays suffer from the Soap Opera Effect. Turn off motion smoothing!

How effective is two-way communication when it comes to digital signage systems?

Samsung displays to feature integration with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Looking at the future of integration.

How System on a Chip is being utilized at the Vivint Smart Home Arena in Utah.

What manufacturers can do to assist and educate integrators about cybersecurity and keeping your network secure.

The importance of working as a team when troubleshooting and testing.

Smart light bulbs or smart light switches, which one is right for your client?

How mentors can foster the next generation of AV professionals.

When making backups for data, it doesn’t hurt to have a plan B. Or Z.

Looking at the battle zone that is voice controlled assistants. Who will come out on top?

A college in Texas upgrades 100 classrooms in just days. What goes into keeping classrooms up to date.

London broadcasts the first 4K eSports livestream over 5G. Is there a viable place for integrators in the eSports scene?

What it takes to get your team on board to start seriously looking at a recurring monthly revenue plan.