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With Digital Signage coming together with AV more than ever, integrators could consider more digital signage options.

Looking at how both the Digital Signage and AV market are coming together into one cohesive unit.

Looking at the impact of conferences like Crestron Masters and getting face-to-face time with manufacturers and their systems.

Normally you’re not supposed to look at the comments, but that’s just for Youtube. When it comes to coding, comments are where all the important details are.

SnapAV launches a rewards program for dealers and integrators. Looking at how incentives (and deterrents) have been previously used in the AV industry.

What it takes to create a successful email campaign and save yourself from going straight into the trash folder.

Vaddio releases a new line for their RoboSHOT Elite series. Looking at where IT engineers and integrators differ when they consider camera options.

Why biophilia and other wellness AV solutions are worth looking into for integrators and end-users alike.

Everybody Playing Nice EDTech 76: Bill O’Donnell is joined by Gina Sansivero and Gaeson Taylor talking about Dante’s new AV over IP module. Gina Sansivero starts off talking about the impact of open standard solutions from a manufacturer’s perspective. Host: Bill O’Donnell Guests: Gina Sansivero – Atlas IED Gaeson Taylor – Drexel Links to sources: Commercial Integrator – Expansion … Read more

Poly’s new logo looks awfully similar to a gaming company called PDP Gaming. How does this kind of thing happen in the first place, and how does it get resolved?

Considering that most if not all companies are made of people, Human Resources is an integral part of running a business. But how do you plan that out?

Market correction is almost guaranteed in the future. How can integrators prepare their businesses and stay afloat?

As AV grows globally, how does it affect education institutions and smaller local integrators?

Looking at Vistacom’s experience center and how it works well for both customer and integrator.

They say Macs don’t get viruses or malware. Instead, they get vulnerabilities in important UC clients.

How much has Hollywood gotten right when it comes to next-gen AV technology? More importantly, how much did they get wrong?

How hackathons can provide insight on keeping systems secure and point out potential threats you might have been unaware of.

Understanding the processes that go into maintaining a cloud solution.

How shows like the International Builder Show fosters innovation in integrators and Manufacturers.

Understanding the stigma behind pre-fab buildings and how they can be utilized within the architectural space.

How video walls are making a big impact in office design, for both utility and reaching audiences.

The importance of building relationships between integrators and architects. No pun intended.

Allen & Heath adds control integration with Crestron, AMX and Extron to their solutions. What makes this a great thing for everyone involved, especially manufacturers.

The cloud is becoming a business standard. How integrators can assuage the process of cloud based solutions.

Best Buy’s Total Tech Support program reaches 1 million members. How can the mom and pop AV store hope to fight against such a large corporation?

Marketing strategies to consider whether you are a regional entity or just a local mom and pop kind of shop.

Multiple municipalities in Florida are attacked by ransomware, leading in $1 million in damages. How to protect you and your clients’ network.

Nest Secure is found to have a microphone built in, previously unreported. How does this even happen nowadays?

As video games become more than a niche, should higher education integrators look into creating training rooms for eSports?

Discussing Digital Signage Expo 2019 and how digital signage has grown into a section of its own within the AV market space.

The importance of keeping track of your metrics and setting goals to know where you’re going as a business.

Sonos and Sonance showcase architectural speakers for the Sonos amp. What happens when two audio powerhouses come together.

What goes into getting AV distributed across long distances at campuses and schools.

The tricky business of protecting end users against counterfeit products and ensuring they’re getting the real deal.

Does the future of AV reside in software-based platform ecosystems?

Plantronics merges with Polycom to become Poly. Looking at the future of the company and the UC space as a whole.

Samsung stops their production of 4K Blu-ray players. Is disk dying?

The expansion of what constitutes a service model, and how they impact our operation procedures.

Voice control and touch screens seem like features we can’t live without nowadays. How long will it take for facial recognition to reach the same status?

As the power of virtual reality and unifed communications grow, do we even need to physically attend conferences anymore?

Crestron changes Pyng into Crestron Home. Understanding the process of changing course mid-way through a product’s life cycle.

What to consider when futureproofing AV solutions for a commercial space.

How AV over IP solutions are taking the AV industry by storm, and what the future of AV might look like.

RTI launches a new training program they call RTIXCEL. The pros and cons to taking a class online and in person.

Just how much of a step up is the Spyder X80 compared to its older counterparts?

The AV industry has made its way into classrooms and stadiums, but are there other industries that could use some AV magic?

Broadsign acquires Digital Out of Home company Campsite. What this means for both companies moving forward.

Outsourcing help is sometimes inevitable for a job. How can you ensure you’re getting the help you need?

Looking at how manufacturers can support AV over IP solutions.

Steaming services like Amazon and Spotify are gaining more traction that ever, but does it compare to having that music in your hands?

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, there are almost too many social networking outlets. Learning the strengths and weaknesses of each platform and utilizing them effectively for marketing.

Kramer joins the Logitech Collaboration Program. What companies can do to improve the UC space.

The importance of planning with your team and working efficiently to avoid any mistakes or unnecessary return trips to the job site.

Tariffs are affecting all avenues of AV, even higher education. Looking at the potential lasting impacts.

Logitech showcases their new Logitech Tap collaboration software. What it takes to get everyone on the same page, or codec.

Discussing the qualities that make a good leader, and how to bring it out of your employees.

A group of plumbers manage to craft a successful and creative way to produce recurring monthly revenue. What the AV industry can learn from them.

Security is important for any business or academic space, but what is the line between being safe and overly complicated?

While updating usually decades-old audio solutions for houses of worship sounds easy, balancing budget and technology gets tricky.

How bans and tariffs on international companies like Huawei could affect the AV industry in the long run.

Smart lights and smart bulbs can be more than a surface-level home integration. Iit could be the gateway into more advanced smart home solutions.

GN Audio acquires Altia Systems. What this means for both companies and the

Discussing the potential classes that could be seen at future versions of Crestron Masters.

Savant adds 4K video to their AV over IP video tiling modules. Where this product fits in the residential space.

The importance of Building Information Modeling and other advancements in architectural design tools.

How things can get tricky when trying to define a “complete and working” system.

How AR and VR can open up new avenues in architectural design.

Biamp acquires Crowd Mics, opening the stage (almost literally) for wider dialogue between speaker and audience.

Crestron Master isn’t just for learning, it helps Crestron themselves be able to talk to manufacturers and engineers directly and hear them out.

Ring has reportedly been spying on customer feeds. The importance of trust between client and company when it comes to data.

Having a business without using metrics is like taking a road trip without a map. How do you know you’re going in the right direction?

Backing up everything sounds nice, but it can be a hassle. How do you know what’s the most important data to keep secure?

As exciting as shows like CES are for cutting edge technology, how much of it is just going to be vaporware?

Looking at the potential applications of HDMI 2.1 within the classroom.

AIMS, or the Alliance for IP Media Solutions is formed to promote AV-over-IP protocols. What this means for the industry.

How to get most out of your InfoComm 2019 experience.

How big of a jump is 4K to 8K?

It’s not a matter of whether you want to put video walls into campuses, but rather if you can afford to in the first place.

Video is coming to Dante. What led Audinate to expand Dante’s capabilities.

What choices to consider when backing up your systems and most important data.

Office Depot is looking to get into the custom installation game. Do they have an ace up their sleeves?

California makes new legislation concerning security on network devices. How this could impact the entire AV industry.

The importance of working with your team cohesively when troubleshooting control program systems.

Don’t let your favorite displays suffer from the Soap Opera Effect. Turn off motion smoothing!

How effective is two-way communication when it comes to digital signage systems?

Samsung displays to feature integration with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Looking at the future of integration.

How System on a Chip is being utilized at the Vivint Smart Home Arena in Utah.

What manufacturers can do to assist and educate integrators about cybersecurity and keeping your network secure.

The importance of working as a team when troubleshooting and testing.

Smart light bulbs or smart light switches, which one is right for your client?

How mentors can foster the next generation of AV professionals.

When making backups for data, it doesn’t hurt to have a plan B. Or Z.

Looking at the battle zone that is voice controlled assistants. Who will come out on top?

A college in Texas upgrades 100 classrooms in just days. What goes into keeping classrooms up to date.

London broadcasts the first 4K eSports livestream over 5G. Is there a viable place for integrators in the eSports scene?

What it takes to get your team on board to start seriously looking at a recurring monthly revenue plan.

Sonos joins Portal.io for distribution through Portal Select. What this means for Portal in the future.

Hackers break into several college’s databases to hold their admissions files hostage. Ensuring that important documents in higher education are secure.

Looking at the future of transparent LEDs within digital signage installations.

When having everything backed up is not feasible, it is vital to find the most important part of your business data and protect it.

Kramer launches Kramer Academy, their online training platform. The pros and cons of training online vs. training on-site.

Google and roomba creator iRobot partner up for smart mapping technology. Concerns over privacy and personal data.

The value of seamlessly performing with your IT department, and what it means to speak IT.

Looking at the solutions for elderly consumers and how they can be improved.

Samsung shows off their largest Onyx LED cinema screen in Bejing’s Capital Cinema. Looking at potentially untapped verticals and expanding on established verticals.

Discussing upcoming trends for luxury brands in AV.

Continuing the ever-present conversation of intellectual properties and figuring out who owns the code.

What programmers should know if they are considering working on customized control solutions.

Ruckus parent company ARRIS is acquired by CommScope for $7.4 billion. What happens when a large company gets involved in the AV industry.

Looking at the future of digital signage using integration with analytic software.

Barco looks at energy efficient solutions for live events. How the demand for green AV has changed in the last few years.

The importance of maintaining a healthy system for effective digital signage.

Bart Kresa announces a training program specifically for projection mapping design. The other potential avenues for AV to devote to a class.

When programming customized control solutions, is there such a thing as too niche?

How the consumer video surveillance market is expanding, and where it could go.

How building a content creation plan can vastly improve your overall marketing strategy.

The importance of educating clients and employees to stay vigilant in the case of network security.

How 4K is quickly becoming the new standard for displays.

Looking at ROI options in the classroom. Deciding on what is good to have, and what is absolutely necessary.

Discussing compliance with building regulations. The benefit of being aware of your local building codes.

Understanding negative reinforcement and the potential impact it can make on your employees and business as a whole.

Discussing future tariffs with China and preparing your clients for the change.

Biamp showcases Crowd Mics at ISE 2019. How they could prove to be a useful tool for the classroom.

Discussing the process of finding new hires and cultivating employees in the AV industry.

Looking at 5G and its place within the AV market space.

Why it’s important to demonstrate smart home technology to everyone, from the end-user to the builder.

How AV over IP could help when it comes to upgrading AV in the classroom.

How custom solutions can provide an easier user experience for end-users.

Discussing 8K in the residential space. Does it have a leg to stand on?

Looking forward to the technology being showcased at DSE 2019.

Huawei showcases an 8K virtual reality demo at China’s World Internet Conference. When integrators should start getting into 8K.

Discussing 8K at CES 2019 and ISE 2019. The hurdles that come with creating content for 8K.

Over 50 cities in the U.S. are implementing smart technology into their infrastructure. How AV integrators can get involved.

Discussing fixed control appliances in higher education.

Vizio expected to pay damages for monitoring and selling consumer data. How this will affect the industry in the long run.

Are virtual trade shows the next big thing? Will they replace traditional trade shows?

California adds new legislation on security for devices manufactured. How this could affect the whole AV market.

Discussing the importance of Crestron adding HTML5 to Pyng OS 2.

Using microphones in lecture halls only help if you actually use them.

Discussing meeting room solutions. Is there a truly universal solution?

The importance of growing your business evenly and ensuring a solid structure.

Amazon allows smart cameras and doorbells to connect with Alexa. How integrators can stand out as Amazon moves into the AV space.

Panasonic develops a camera control app. What to consider when controlling cameras remotely.

Looking at the future of user interfaces. What’s the next big innovation?

Changing the shape of the commercial space through collaboration solutions.

Know what to do when something goes wrong.

Indigo Distribution announces an easy-install service for their Elan Control platforms. What distributors and manufacturers can do to help dealers on the job site.

The value in staying up to date with the latest in control configuration and APIs.

Looking at the kitchen as the next avenue for the AV industry.

How the client-integrator relationship has changed within the AV industry.

A new TopGolf is established in Nashville. Where else could integrators look to ply their trade?

The experience of a trade show, as much rewarding as it is exhausting.

LEDWorks and Minleon USA look to create cloud-based lighting. The hurdles that come with putting AV systems on the cloud.

The benefit of RESTful API’s from a manufacturer’s standpoint.

WAVE Electronics merges with AVAD. How growing nationally affects a business.

How social media has changed the scope of marketing in the past decade.

The factors that come into ownership of the code on IP security devices.

Energy efficiency isn’t just good for the environment, it is a great selling point for integrators.

Discussing the differences between working with Value Added Resellers and integrators directly.

AVIXA reports rapid growth in their local Women’s Council groups during Infocomm. How the AV industry has evolved in the past decade.

Preparing a recurring monthly revenue plan to support your business.

Dish helps integrators with cord cutters. How the “standard” outlet of media consumption is changing.

Is it worth outsourcing your IT department?

Uber deploys more than 800 huddle spaces for their offices. What it takes to take on large-scale jobs.

When it comes to protecting your network, the key is staying vigilant.

Predictions after CEDIA 2018 for the next year. What trends might arise in time for CEDIA 2019.

Biamp adds to their European sales team. What it takes to make a unified customer experience on a global scale.

How a programmer’s role has adapted as technology marches on.

5G networks are on the horizon. How integrators can prepare for the 5G disruption.

How one of the most integral parts of producing for houses of worship are the guys in the back.

Stampede asks for a global unified pricing strategy. The difficulty that comes with large scale pricing.

Using AV to reach the next generation of congregation.

Draper launches a trim solution for Barco’s UniSee video walls. The effects of companies collaborating.

The traits that make an exemplary control programmer.

The rise of enterprise-grade networks and how technology has required them.

It’s important for your marketing team to have the tools to get everything they need out of your data.

Knowing what it on your network and keeping your IoT devices safe from harm.

What integrators can do for their clients in the event of extreme weather conditions.

Conferences are not only a way to network with fellow colleagues, but further your own growth and education in the AV field.

Amazon launches a new service called Elemental. Is Amazon going to take over the AV market space?

Understanding the costs of labor. Managing the five concepts of labor costs.

OneVision creates a new RMR program for manufacturer reps. What it takes for reps to become informed of these programs.

Imperial College Business School tries out holographic lectures. What it takes in terms of power to make it happen.

Redefining mission critical AV. How mission critical AV differs from business to business.

Discussing the technology of connected classrooms. Is the classroom truly future proof?

Maintaining a good relationship with your IT team. Knowing when to ask questions and ask for help.

Examining the process of finding new clients. The importance of consistently generating work and gaining clients.

Looking at the limiting your control systems to one interface. What’s the benefit of streamlining?

Vin Bruno becomes the new CEO of Rayva. What it means for the industry regarding his return to the residential channel.

Discussing the future of SDVoE. What will the killer app that puts it ahead of the rest look like?

CEDIA acquires the Cinema Designer and rebrands it as the CEDIA Designer. How this design tool could be used within the CEDIA community.

CTI starts an audiovisual internship program. How manufacturers can generate interest in the field and foster new talent.

Discussing innovation in user interface design and designing for clients other than end-users.

Fibaro offers local certification training. How constantly educating can ensure you can keep up with the industry.

With the next generation of event producers comes a shift of focus on experiential design.

The trend of resimercial design is gaining traction fast. How integrators can prepare themselves.

How event production has evolved hand in hand with the AV industry.

Adobe releases a study about voice control value. How manufacturers are looking at voice control in the commercial space.

When designing user interfaces, how can you balance versatility and clean visuals?

Vanco has a new built-in wall speaker. Discussing the multi-room audio experience.

How preventing the acquired company’s culture from being shaken up can make the acquisition process smoother for everyone.