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Utilizing email, pictures and video to manage your projects and confer efficiently with your clients.

Philips pairs up with Bowers & Wilkins for distribution in Europe. How this partnership can benefit both parties.

The hurdles involved with teaching a certification course.

Polycom becomes part of Plantronics as part of its acquisition. The potential influence of this purchase.

Google updates Home to allow for continued conversations. Where voice control could go in the future.

Scansource offers a bundled package with products from Cisco, Mezzanine and LG. The difficulties that comes with bundled packages.

AVIXA and IES come together to create a new lighting standard. The significance of effectively lighting a presentation.

Streamlining the process of completing a sale.

Barco joins up with Azione Unlimited for a series of high-end projectors. Where these products fit in the market space.

Amazon is implementing voice control in classrooms through Alexa. The benefits and drawbacks of a voice assistant for teachers.

Audinate makes Dante level 3 certification available online. The value of attending classes in person.

Microsoft awards Crestron as IoT Partner of the year. The impact of earning an award from a large company.

Growing your business in unexpected ways. How to gain a fresh outlook to expanding your company.

Sony has showcased their new immersive spatial audio system. Where this technology could find itself in the market space.

What is stopping companies from implementing control systems in their buildings.

Amazon wants to utilize the Fire Cube to unify control in the home. Are they able to compete in a market outside of their usual domain?

Samsung unveils their new Onyx theater screens. How this technology is changing the way movies are finished.

Liantronics holds an event at the World Cup. The exposure granted by exhibiting at such a large event.

Using social projects not just as a goodwill service, but also engaging with your customer base.

Are there too many end users at InfoComm? The importance of seeing live demonstrations at trade shows.

Understanding what is required for control systems on the scale of an entire building.

Iminate introduces IoT devices on a budget. How these products fit into the market space.

Companies with socially conscious goals within their infrastructure can stand out to consumers. The value of being a socially conscious corporation.

The new WPA 3 security is coming. When it’s time to upgrade the security in your business.

Ken Eagle explains the importance of a trade show like InfoComm 2018 for residential dealers.

Almo Professional A/V acquires Insteo. The power of a dedicated content creation team.

Amazon announces a new “Alexa for Hospitality” which gives hotels voice control. The potential risks surrounding an Echo in your hotel room.

How to handle exemplary employees and avoid negative reinforcement.

Apple integrates with Crestron for advanced use of smart home features. What this means for the evolution of Siri.

Collaborative Whiteboards are present in many classrooms, but just how useful are they?

Josh Srago talks about his experience and discourse at the Interoperability panel at InfoComm 2018.

IOT devices are being used as tools of harassment. How to protect your company and yourself from such attacks.

Dawn Meade shares her experience as an end-user at InfoComm 2018.

Wilson Audio Founder Dave Wilson and Vutech CEO Howard Sinkoff have passed away. Remembering their influence on the AV industry.

Emile Van De Coevering shares his experience at InfoComm 2018.

Best Buy launches an annual support service plan. What does this support entail, based on the products they are selling?

David Labuskes discusses his most treasured moment of InfoComm 2018.

Amazon is working on a robot for your home. Considering how virtual assistants changed the home, what is the potential of a house robot?

Legrand forms their own AV division. The benefits of having all systems under one roof.

Control systems are expanding to support more specialized functions. Where do software engineers fit in this future?

Unemployment numbers are incredibly low. Ways you can get exactly the person you’re looking for in a tight labor market.

A team is is only as good as their tools. Choose the right software for your accounting team.

Amazon Echo has recorded and sent a conversation without the user’s knowledge. How you can manage your privacy settings to avoid a similar situation.

Noble Crawford explains the origins of his podcast, the Social Slice.

Biamp introduces a new program to integrate with consultants in a more streamlined fashion.

A virtualized control system has the potential to be used in a multitude of ways.

Google Duplex can call for appointments and sound almost human. What could be the legal ramifications of using this to disrupt businesses?

Learn where your clients consume their content and how to make your product reach them.

When setting up a client’s audiovisual network, is security or convenience more important?

Sticker shock can be devastating to a project, but not if you know how to avoid it.

New technology being shown at Infocom 2018, and how they can be used in the classroom setting.

The uses of KUDO language translation software in audiovisual videoconferencing applications.

The best practices when strengthening the accounting team of your audiovisual business.

Google Home is gaining market share on Amazon Echo. Which will win out in the audiovisual voice control and automation battle? Where is Siri in the mix?

Collaboration and messaging software best practices for ProAV dealers on college campuses.

Microsoft has announced the second generation of the Surface Hub. What that will mean for ProAV dealers.

A hacking group has identified a possible issue with ZWave backward compatibility. ZWave says the issue is not what it seems.

The risks audiovisual dealers run when using the gig economy for their business.

Moving from audiovisual as-a-service to mixed reality-as-a-service for ProAV dealers.

Expanding the Crestron Master’s program to benefit audiovisual programmers.

Creating a community where audiovisual dealers can share experiences and expertise with the new CEDIA app.

The importance of Dante’s certification process for live audiovisual productions.

The Phil Cordell and AVNation #AVSelfie 2018 song.

As augmented reality and virtual reality technology increases, what audiovisual dealers can do to utelize the technology to create exceptional experiences.

Audinate has taken Dante to wide adoption across the audiovisual landscape. Alesia Hendley and Wallace Johnson provide a couple of possible futures for Dante in ProAV.

What those in the audiovisual industry can do to help those among us break through the people of color glass ceiling and advance in ProAV.

The audiovisual industry has plenty of certifications for designers, technicians, and control programmers. What those outside the ProAV industry consider when they encounter these AV certifications.

Azione is encouraging their dealers to start selling lighting, design, programming, and installation as an overall RMR sell.

The benefits of going after ProAV awards from organizations outside your home country.

When the audiovisual industry can expect to implement virtualized ProAV networks and what they will look like.

What Heos and others will need to do to knock Sonos off the top spot in distributed audio and smart speakers.

Getting the right player for your campus culture and application for digital signage, mass notification, and food service.

Dante including the ability to incorporate AES 67 is one more way disparate standards in the audiovisual network can work together.

Author Joey Coleman uses the strategies in his book “Never Lose a Customer Again” to give audiovisual dealers tips on keeping customers for the long term.

Amazon drops the price of the Ring doorbell and disrupts the pricing structure for residential audiovisual dealers.

A discussion about the importance of the NSCA PASS program and how it can help audiovisual integrators provide solutions for safer schools.

The value events like Crestron Masters brings to participating audiovisual dealers as well as to the ProAV industry.

DDoS attacks are on the rise. According to some experts the frequency is only going to increase. Here are some strategies to protect your ProAV network and those of your clients.

Silicon Labs has finalized their purchase of ZWave technology. What this means for the security of audiovisual IoT and smart homes.

A new UK standard for hearing assist can help audiovisual integrators create more inclusive ProAV experiences.

Each year Crestron gathers their certified programmers together for Crestron Masters. We talk with Diamond certified programmers about the benefits to the audiovisual industry this gathering provides.

CEDIA buys regional audiovisual training and networking show Technology and Business Summit.

Alesia Hendley discusses the rise of Dante in the networked audiovisual space and how they were able to grab so much of the ProAV market.

With regional manufacturer experience centers opening around the globe, the benefits and dangers of bringing your customers to the showrooms.

Debating using a single piece of software for creating digital signage for live staging or going with a range of audiovisual applications.

Trade shows are compact pressure cookers for audiovisual marketing professionals. Here are some tips on the best way to leverage social media during shows.

AVIXA is focusing on the user experience. What audiovisual programmers can do to create exceptional user experiences with control and automation systems.

HTSA recently announced they are now a trade consortium focusing on manufacturer relationships as well as education of their audiovisual members.

Proven strategies to become a social media influencer organically in the audiovisual industry.

Programs like Control4’s PCNA offer certification for products and manufacturers. Do they make a difference when bidding on audiovisual jobs?

Things audiovisual manufacturers and suppliers do that frustrates residential dealers and how to solve those issues.

AVIXA aims to expand the audiovisual market by showing a hotel forum what ProAV dealers can do to create exceptional experiences.

What the SnapAV and Lutron deal says about the state of the residential audiovisual market.

Recycling lamp-based projectors and replacing them with lasers throughout a campus.

How ProAV manufacturers can help audiovisual integrators break into a new market.

The steps audiovisual integrators can take to protect themselves and their clients from ransomware.

Why digital signage is seen as such a big growth area for ProAV dealers.

The big deal about insurance in the custom electronics and residential AV markets.

What audiovisual integrators can do to safeguard their customers’ data.

SnapAV buys Allnet out of Chicago to bolster their midwest footprint and support the audiovisual dealers in the area.

The impact on the audiovisual dealers and UC space now that Plantronics is buying Polycom

What not to control in a home audiovisual automation system.

Standardizing on one manufacturer for large audiovisual installations

Where does traditional AV control programming and computer programming meet?

What it means to the ProAV industry, and residential sector, that Crestron joined HTSA.

What skills do you need to effectively project manage a live event?

Making certain acoustics and lighting are considered in an audiovisual design.

How to get started in audiovisual and live staging and events.

Dealing with sexual harassment in the audiovisual industry.

Should control programmers fear computer programming languages in ProAV?

The value of warranties for audiovisual equipment.

Connecting with clients through holidays and special events

What is blockchain and how will it impact the audiovisual industry?

What Amazon gets with their purchase of Ring

Deploying a Dante network on throughout a higher ed campus.

Working with other audiovisual integrators on projects.

Defining digital marketing for the audiovisual integrator.

The new owner of the CEDIA Expo, Emerald Exhibitions will be looking to add more attendees to the annual show. Our panel discusses whether it is time to start taking your clients to audiovisual trade shows.

When products and warranties don’t meet what had been marketed.

As Clear One continues their patent infringement lawsuit, what could the outcome do to access to certain products in the audiovisual marketplace?

The impact on audiovisual systems of having Amazon Alexa on the corporate network.

The battle over fiber versus copper in home audiovisual installations.

Holograms are increasingly becoming a part of live staging productions. There are now use cases for audiovisual pros to install the technology in museums and other applications.

The updating of firmware in an audiovisual system is becoming more frequent. Who should own the decision of when to push a firmware update across the network?

Thiel Audio has shut their doors. There is still a way for residential audiovisual integrators to get the warranty on the gear honored.

Creating superconsumers of your audiovisual business is hard. Once you have them, we’ll tell you how to use them to make even more super fans.

At the NSCA Business Leadership Conference each year the group is treated to an economic forecast. Based on that information, how does our panel feel about the economics of the audiovisual industry?

The conventional wisdom is that every business needs a website to attract new clients and drive business development. That may not be the case for every audiovisual integrator.

Most audiovisual professionals have just sort of found their way into our industry. What is the state of formal AV education today?

Audiovisual control and automation programmers have begun dealing with clients getting ahold of equipment firmware. What is the best way to handle clients helping out their programmer by updating firmware before it is ready?

New Vanco president Mark Corbin joins the ResiWeek panel. Corbin explains what his plans are for growth and market penetration.

The importance of editorial calendars to plan out your content creation.

Extron’s move to Python for their control and automation platform.

What CEDIA’s new 3 year strategic plan means for residential AV dealers.

HDMI 2.1 spec uses in higher education

Our panel talks about when laser projection will overtake consumable lamp projectors.

Creating super consumers of your AV integration business

What EMEA is doing to prepare for GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple).

Getting faculty, staff, and tech managers to work together.

The challenges you could face working outside your home country.

The issues Meltdown and Spectre could have for the audiovisual industry.

Should live events companies do creative services themselves or hire them out?

The best approach to monitoring audiovisual networks.

How agencies approach live staging and event production.

Creating exceptional experiences for the big game.

Voice control versus touch panel control in AV systems.

ResiWeek 103: ADT had a less than ideal initial public offering (IPO) for their stock. Matt Scott, Rich Fregosa, and Tim Albright discuss what a lackluster IPO could mean for the future success of the company.

How much of an #IoT show CES has turned into.

The issues Meltdown/Spectre could cause in AV products.

The impact the Beats/Monster lawsuit will have on consumers and #AVTweeps

The trials and triumphs of Winter installs and renovations in #HigherED

Do drones belong in the audiovisual industry? Our panel tries to answer that question.

What Amazon Alexa in the corporate space means for #AVTweeps

The biggest stories in #HomeAV for 2017 from Residential Systems’ Jeremy Glowacki.

Issues of emergency notification and digital signage in higher education.

The reason Extron chose Python as their AV control platform.

The concerns some audiovisual professionals have with the FCC and Net Neutrality.

The importance of connecting with AV dealers on a local level.

Control4’s purchase of ihiji, what it means for dealers, and monitoring services.

Why 2018 will be the year Cisco becomes a control company.

ResiWeek 100: Our yearly wrapup show for the residential audiovisual market. Joe Whittaker gives us his take on the three biggest stories for Home AV, and what he means by “all the do-its”.

AVWeek 333: At CES 2018 LG announced their latest OLED display, the LG OLED Canyon. OLED has long been touted as the next great display in commercial AV; from projection screen replacement to unique digtial signage installations. Our panel discusses whether this latest OLED display will have an impact on the commercial audiovisual market.

ResiWeek 100: Matt Scott gathered some of the regulars on his weekly look at the residential audiovisual industry to talk about the biggest stories that happened in 2017.

AVWeek 331: A snippet of our year in review show. This time, Cory Schaeffer of QSC gives us a few of her biggest stories for the audiovisual industry during 2017.

A State of Control 37: Bill Tinnel, Richard Fregosa, and Mike Maniscalco talk with Steve Greenblatt about how monitoring software intersects with control programming. Specifically, how much responsibility of making the monitoring software work with the system should lie with the control programmer?

ResiWeek 98: Portal now has access to Origin Acoustics product line. Matt Scott talks with Mitch Klein and Jeremy Glowacki about what agreements like this are doing to the residential segment of the audiovisual industry.

Live Life 30: Doyle Martin, of TLS Productions, gives host Wallace Johnson a review of LDI 2017. Martin talks about how his company gets the most out of the educational offerings of LDI.

AVWeek 329: We talk with Biamp, Extron, Milestone, and Barco about the trials and hurdles they have to overcome when entering a new geographic market; from local support to translating their materials to a different language.

Live Life 29: Host Wallace Johnson talks with Doyle Martin of TLS Productions about lighting design for corporate events and the value of certifications.

AVWeek 329: An article from Commercial Integrator claims IoT sales will hit $1 trillion by 2020. IoT predictions have been difficult since IBM first started predicting in 2011. Our panel of manufacturers discuss how they are helping their audiovisual integrators integrate these prosumer devices on their networks.

A State of Control 29: Our panelists of Rich Fregosa, Troy Morgan, Patrick Murray, and Wes Hatchett join Steve Greenblatt of Control Concepts discussing the rise of configuration software instead of programming software for the audiovisual control platforms.

ResiWeek 98: Jeremy Glowacki of Residential Systems and Mitch Klein from the Z-Wave Alliance talk about AV Junction’s “Uber” of the residential audiovisual industry.

ResiWeek 97: Azione has come up with a new insurance policy for audio visual network security breaches. Joe Whitaker and John Clancy talk about this new initiative.

IT AV 11: Derek Joncas and Brad Kult discuss how to keep yourself safe from botnets attacking private networks.

ResiWeek 97: Silicon Labs purchased Sigma, just one of a number of audio visual merger and acquisitions in 2017. John Clancy and Joe Whitaker discuss how this purchase could help solidify some standards.

AVNation Special with Mohit Parasher: Mohit Parasher’s background within Harman was in the consumer division. We talked about the differences between product and job timelines between consumer and audio visual commercial projects.

AVWeek 328: Rob Viren, Craig MacCormack, and Nate Schneider discuss the 100,000-strong botnet and how audio visual integrators can prevent their systems from ending up there.

AVWeek 328: Nate Schneider and Rob Viren talk about Craig MacCormack’s article on the rise of the $1 billion integrator and how that will impact manufacturers and clients.

ResiWeek 96: Matt Scott talks with Rich Fregosa and Bryce Nordstrand about Crestron’s newest remote design and them cutting back on 20 percent of their residential dealer base.

AVNation Special with Harman Pro’s Mohit Parasher: With Harman being acquired by Samsung last year, there are rumors that some of Harman Professional’s brands are up for sale. Parasher addresses those rumors.

AVWeek 327: With the new HDMI 2.1 spec out. Brock McGinnis and Bob Sharp discuss what new challenges will this new spec bring and what new opportunities for audio visual professionals?

AVNation Special with Harman Pro’s Mohit Parasher: Tim Albright interviewed the Harman Pro President about the layoff of 650 employees worldwide.

Using quick install jobs to give your residential AV firm a revenue stream and clients examples of your work.

What Highland Partners expects to do with Biamp.

State of Control 39: Steve Greenblatt talks with Rich Fregosa, Nick Miller, and Chris Backus about how audio visual programmers can leverage IoT.

What lead Crestron to the decision to cut 20% of their residential dealers?

Live Life 30: Host Wallace Johnson talks with Doyle Martin about what makes the LDI trade show different than other live staging and events shows.

Best practices for working with consultants for manufacturers and tech managers.

Should we still call inter-systems communication UCC?

An update on LED lighting for live events.

How AV programmers can use AI, IoT, and voice control in their systems.

Which CES Innovation Awards products we should see in real-world installs soon.