The AV Profession podcast

The AV Profession

The AV Profession brings insights into the running of your audio visual business. We look at creating and keeping track of KPIs, managing employees, connecting with clients, and increasing revenue. Hosted by AVNation founder, Tim Albright, The AV Profession posts the second and fourth Thursday of the month.

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Understanding the advantages of positive and negative reinforcement, and creating a culture of responsibility within your workplace.

Understanding the risks that come with running a business, and how to mitigate them with your team.

How recurring monthly revenue can become the backbone of your business inbetween regular installations.

Outlining the concepts surrounding labor costs, and how to manage them efficiently.

Avoiding negative reinforcement and efficiently planning projects with transparency in mind.

Using the sales process for audiovisual systems design to really discover what your client needs.

Creating compensation and goals to help your audiovisual employees grow.

Creating productive meetings is sometimes difficult for audiovisual integrators. David McNutt gives us six questions you should bring to every meeting to get the most out of your time together.

In a ProAV company when should the salesperson’s job be considered complete? When the PO is signed or at the end of the install, or never?

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