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Below is a list of the episodes of AVWeek beyond the previous six months contained on the main AVWeek Series page.

AVWeek brings context to the audio visual news of the week featuring some of the most engaging people in the AV industry, including manufacturers, integrators, programmers, technology managers, and AV reporters. AVWeek always brings the most current, entertaining, and sometimes controversial news and commentary about the commercial AV industry today! It is a great cross section of the AV community. Hosted by AVNation founder, Tim Albright, AVWeek posts every Monday.

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Making sure your AV products are secure, the user interface experience, and how to sell to multiple decision makers.

Discussing last week’s NYDSW panels, emerging markets from within the AV industry, and discussing how distributors and manufacturers can help dealers on the job site.

How regional AV groups are growing, the pros and cons of cloud control, and discussing manufacturer specific certification.

Looking at where IOT and AI will affect the AV industry the most, the importance of local support when expanding globally, and the difference of dealing with a distributor instead of directly with the manufacturer.

AVIXA predicts large industry growth by 2023, Draper and Barco team up to make a video wall solution, and Stampede looks for global distribution.

Amazon becomes even more of an AV company, discussing what makes an AV system “mission critical”, and what it takes to be a global AV provider.

Maintaining a good relationship with your IT partners, streamlining your control system interface, and discussing Microsoft’s plan to split the Hub into two projects.

Killer Apps for Video Over IP, CTI’s new in-house internship, and the National Music Auditorium of Spain renews its emergency system notification system.

How voice control is faring amongst consumers, preparing for the trend of “resimercial” design, and developing dynamic workspaces.

The future of video over fiber, putting AV systems into cars, and acquiring data to create a better experience for your client.

Getting assistance for projects outside your area, What is required for projects involving digital projectors, and understanding when it’s time to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Microsoft and Amazon let their voice assistants talk to each other. LinkedIn implements Q-SYS for large-scale presentations. The qualities of an exemplary AV professional.

Crestron getting hacked at Def Con lets us talk about AV network security. The benefits of regional experience centers in audiovisual. Getting more APEx certified commercial integrators.

Corporate audiovisual installs will rise over the next four years according to a new AVIXA report. Selling VTC in an era of Zoom. Getting together with manufacturers on big installs.

Using AV-centric art installations to pitch your next AV job. Getting and keeping audiovisual employees. The benefits for ProAV dealers of end users at the InfoComm show.

Mergers and acquisitions among audiovisual distributors. Security and displays with PCs. Getting AV techs a running start on configuring switches for AV over the network.

AVIXA has new recommended practices for audiovisual networks. Almo adds a content creation company for ProAV integrators to get digital signage content. LG and Cisco partner to make your VTC systems work better.

What the move by ISE means for EMEA and North American audiovisual integrators attending the show. Diversified continues global expansion. Human-centric ProAV design.

The benefits of online and in-person audiovisual education. Figuring out how to best assess what your ProAV employees have learned. A new lighting standard for video conferencing from AVIXA and IES.

Sony has an ATMOS killer with an added feature, software-centered product development, showing off audiovisual wares at the World Cup.

Is Amazon a ProAV dealers competitor? Too many end users at the InfoComm show. Using mobile devices for audiovisual control interfaces.

Wrapping up InfoComm 2018, the ProAV industry’s biggest North American show. We talk end-users experience, audiovisual manufacturers expectations, and a look ahead to the future.

Wrapping up the week of InfoComm 2018 talking experiences, integrated life, and data analytics in ProAV.

Amazon Echo’s recording risk may threaten voice control in ProAV. Legrand launches commercial audiovisual group. Making the most of InfoComm 2018.

Connecting with audiovisual consultants. Peering into the future of ProAV at InfoComm 2018. Translating conference calls in real time.

Hacking voice control in ProAV installations. Microsoft upgrades to the Surface Hub 2. Creating unique audiovisual experiences in retail.

Retail is open for ProAV dealers. Future proofing your next audiovisual design. Making the case for everything as a service.

Designing audiovisual systems for supportability, Disney’s new addition to AR/VR, and deep diving into IT for ProAV

The education opportunities at InfoComm 2018. The importance of events like Crestron’s Masters to the audiovisual industry. Expanding diversity in ProAV.

A new standard for hearing assistance for ProAV dealers to install. Dante support for AES67. InfoComm 2018 will show how AR and VR can integrate into an audiovisual system.

What AVIXA can to to help ProAV integrators expand the audiovisual industry market.

Handling customer data could be hazardous to audiovisual integrators.

Polycom gets bought by Plantronics. Getting design support from your distributors. Wrapping up Digital Signage Expo 2018.

Standardizing on one manufacturer in audiovisual installations. Why some AV integrators aren’t offering managed services. Focusing on lighting and acoustics in your AV designs.

How sexual harassment in the audiovisual industry should be handled and how those in power can help support those impacted. Creating a culture of cooperation between competing integrators. Deep diving into video over IP in the lab.

Managing the audio and video on your network. Patent lawsuits and how they impact your business. What your AV team needs to know.

A recap of NSCA’s annual BLC, an economic outlook for AV, and the importance of conferences like the BLC.

The state of education in the audiovisual industry. How holograms could enhance museum and other permanent installations. Where the direct view LED market currently stands.

Live staging and drones. North Americans going to ISE. When/If lasers will overtake lamp-based projectors.

From the show floor of Integrated Systems Europe 2018, we talk about how to manage projects outside your home country. The pitfalls you will have to overcome and how to get the most out of international audiovisual projects. We also talk about the best, and worst, of the biggest AV show in the world, ISE … Read more

Helping put on the big game, deciding to work outside your country, and ISE 2018

Alexa is heading to the boardroom. AVIXA’s report says AV business is flat. Monitoring audiovisual networks.

Extron’s Python control programming. Drones in the AV industry. Tools remote workers need to use to collaborate.

LG’s OLED Canyon and what it could mean to commercial AV, are investment bankers ruining the audiovisual industry, and we talk about the importance of regional trade shows.

Part two of our year in review/year in preview show. Our all-star panelists look ahead and give their thoughts on what the next year will hold for the audiovisual industry. The further implementation of IoT and voice control. Where will IT and AV security take us? And Tim Albright finally predicts Cisco will not purchase … Read more

We wrap up the year with an all-star panel discussed the biggest stories of 2017, the products that made the biggest impacts, and trends we may have missed.

From InfoComm changing to AVIXA to the rise of IoT, we have put together the best episodes and conversations of the last year.

The impact IoT will have on the audio visual industry. The best way to support your brand outside your home country.

The rise of the $1 billion integrator and what that means for the other companies in their field. Is there such a thing as “too big”? There is a bot-net 100,000 devices strong. How to protect your networks and make sure your network audio visual devices aren’t one of them. Samsung, Legrand, and Marriott are … Read more

Biamp has been purchased by Highland Partners. The HDMI 2.1 specification has been released.

How Net Neutrality could impact audio visual systems. Working with consultants. The best areas of growth in the AV industry.

AVIXA has a new board. When to sell your AV firm. 4K lasers in public spaces.

Manufacturers, AVIXA, programmers, & integrators weigh in on the state of the industry. We discuss the impact of mergers and acquisitions, where projection/displays fit, and more from AVEC 2017.

We wrap up NYDSW 2017 with a rotating roundtable. From content creation to issues of privacy; how integrators can incorporate digital signage into their business.

Barco has a brand new video wall. AVIXA unveils their new membership levels. ISE is debuting the World Championship of projection mapping.

A vice president of Samsung is stepping down. Investing in the future of audio visual workers. The world of control and automation without a touch interface.

A new report says AV over IP products will increase sales by 130%. Will this mean an end to matrix switchers? Registration is open for ISE (Integrated Systems Europe). How this European show has become the start of the audio visual product cycle. We also look into whether the AVI-SPL acquisition of Sharp’s in Canada … Read more

AVIXA (formerly InfoComm) has released a global financial report for the audio visual industry. Vaddio has a new production switcher that aims for live events and corporate boardrooms. Getting integrators to understand the value of educating their employees.

Bradford Benn gives us a review of the recent InfoComm India show. We talk about the future of projector lamps, and those who sell the replacements. What is the best way for you to secure your audio visual system and network?

We look at various regional trade shows and whether it makes sense to release products at these local shows or should manufacturers wait for bigger shows. Intellectual property fights in the U.S. and how those agreements may, or may not, translate across borders. For the first time in decades, there will be a Cisco without … Read more

InfoComm International, the trade organization for the audio visual industry, has rebranded, renamed, and has a new direction. The group is now known as AVIXA (the audio visual and integrated experience association.) We talk with industry leaders about why this matters and the new direction.

On this episode of AVWeek we talk discuss – The Wireless Spectrum just got smaller, Daniel Newman chides us to talk (positively) about competitors and, The FCC proposes 10Mbps Broadband standard!

We interview Thom Mullins of Affiliated Engineers Incorporated about the newly revised InfoComm standard on coverage uniformity. Our panel looks at installing audio, video, and lighting on one of the world’s tallest buildings. NEC has increased the warranty on one of their display lines. Why do warranties matter to the customer, the integrator, and consultants?

Coretronic picks up Calibre for their video processing technology. Harman fights counterfeiting across the globe. The best way to include the right screen and projector in your designs.

InfoComm has released a new report on the financial health of the audio video industry in the Americas. AES has voted in a new group of officers. InfoComm and Full Sail are partnering to produce audio video professionals.

Manufacturers have councils and programs to get feedback from clients and end users. How successful are these programs? Getting audio video professionals to translate between AV and IT. The best way to pass on the knowledge in your head to the next generation.

How the FCC’s decisions on Net Neutrality could impact commercial audio video. We talk about why a technology industry group is supporting them. The rise and evolution of audio video systems in airports. How to create exceptional experiences for your clients.

Why a North American audience should pay attention to IBC, ISE and other international shows. We debate which is better, category cable or fiber for audio video transmissions. How to get your clients the inspirational AV they desire.

NEC is letting you add a Raspberry Pi to their displays. Courting architects and consultants. Adding PoE Plus to control processors.

Samsung acquires the Greek based Multilingual voice software Innoetics, Google buys AI startup Halli and are Purple LED’s the next step in full spectrum lighting ?

Hitachi is releasing a new line of interactive displays. How will they differentiate these in this crowded market? Samsung is building a Bixby-powered AI speaker. We also ask where you get your subcontract labor?

Two mergers and acquisitions this week. Legrand announced the purchase of Milestone AV for $950 million. On Thursday, Semtech acquired AptoVision, the maker of the BluRiver chip used in video over IP products. We also look at a new reporter’s take on the AV industry.

This is part two of our conversations from InfoComm 2017. Manufacturers, consultants, integrators, programmers, and more give us what their biggest takeaway from the show was and what they’ll be putting into their systems when they get back into the shop.

InfoComm’s David Labuskes, Mike Blackman from ISE, Shaun Robinson of AMX, and more. We talk growth in numbers, education, and technology from InfoComm 2017.

IBM is bringing a number of their remote workers back into the office. What do you need to know about Americans with Disability Act (ADA)? Plus, we talk about what infrastructure should AV professionals be putting into their jobs.

Another merger and acquisition in the audio video world; Diversified purchases CompView. Where does virtual reality belong in AV? We also talk about traditional transport versus video over IP.

Has the audio video industry entered a “post-programmer” era? If so, what does it mean for all the control programmers out there? We also look at the best way to attract and keep top talent.

Harman and IBM are getting together for commercial-grade voice control. What is the viability of voice control in commercial audio video installations? PSA has purchased USAV. Plus, how will CODA Audio fare as they enter the US market.

On this week’s episode we dive into the untapped markets you may want to consider for your integration company. InfoComm has updated a new audio standard. There is an analytic company exhibiting at the InfoComm show in June.

Microsoft is getting into more into the education market. How to get involved in HALO projects and NHL projection mapping. Plus we look at how manufacturers should best handle firmware updates.

ClearOne filed a patent lawsuit against Shure, Biamp, and QSC. We talk about how to educate your education clients on the benefits of 4K. Plus, what is the best way to connect with designers creating exceptional experiences?

Microsoft and Google announced patches to various products. We talk about when and how the audio visual industry will start to offer security updates. Where do our guests think video over IP will land and how? We also take the debate from AVNetwork on projectors versus whiteboards.

This week we talk about where acoustically transparent projection screens belong in commercial AV. How can millennials, Gen X, and boomers work together? We also look at the InfoComm TIDE conference and why you should attend.

We look at how integrators can develop 24/7 AV technical support. When do PoE speakers make sense? Plus, the latest in a line of “wallpaper” OLED. This time from LG.

On this episode, we look at sending AV over IP and how that has changed. With the Raiders moving to Vegas, how do you get involved with large jobs? We also discuss ways to geek out while in Orlando for InfoComm 2017.

Google’s new Jamboard goes on sale in May. We talk about the competition it’s up against. How the higher education market is evolving. Plus, how the U.S. can create regional shows like AV Magazine’s AV Connections.

Samsung’s $8 billion deal to buy Harman has finalized. What that will mean moving forward. InfoComm 2017 has a new Center Stage feature. What can you learn? We also look at the current state of video walls.

On this week’s episode we talk about how the audio visual industry can use standards to create consistent experiences across the globe. How do you work with competing manufacturers? We also ask the question, why should AV professionals care about IoT?

We are recording from the NSCA’s annual Business Leadership Conference. We talk with manufacturers and integrators to find out why they come, what they have learned, and what they will take home. They also discuss the trends in technology and business that will impact integrators in the coming year.

On this week’s episode, we look at all the mergers and acquisitions in the AV industry. Will they slow down or increase in 2017? IBM’s Watson is getting involved in more audio visual products. We also preview the InfoComm Show as registration is now open.

This episode we look at ways to get CTS renewal units online and on your time. As more integrators expand beyond North America how do you service your multinational customers? We also discuss what Sony’s up to.

We were on the show floor of ISE 2017 in the Scala booth all week. This episode of AVWeek wraps up Integrated Systems Europe. Some of the biggest news was the advancement of video over IP.

It was discovered this week there was an issue with a Samsung update that may disable HDBaseT signals. CEDIA has sold off their Expo. We discuss whether it makes sense for InfoComm to do the same.

QSC has announced server-level DSP processing. What will this mean to your installations and designs this year? Is virtual reality coming to video conferencing? We also talk about raising up the next generation of leaders for the audio visual industry.

One of Samsung’s top executives is facing arrest over corruption charges. How will that impact the audio visual industry? A group of integrators were in Washington discussing ways to get more IT talent into their firms. We also look ahead to ISE 2017 and the popularity of interactive displays being shown.

What is the best way to secure the AV gear you install on clients’ networks? How do you protect their your information and theirs? We also discuss picking the best standard for the job.

Best selling author and speaker, Ian Altman joins us to kick off 2017. We discuss what mergers and acquisitions mean for the AV industry. Plus, what is the one thing you can do today to impact your business for the better?

It is our annual look back at the year. From security issues to mergers and acquisitions. We talk about the biggest stories of 2016. We also look ahead to 2017. We predict more changes to control, government regulations, OLED, and more.

As our team takes time off during the holidays, sit back and enjoy the most requested episodes of AVWeek. We started the year talking about hacking AV systems and security and ended on mergers and acquisitions.

Shure and Biamp have partnered together to make integration easier. Biamp’s CEO is stepping down. How will that impact their customers? Plus we talk about Waveguide being acquired by Compass.

There is a brand new projector company on the market. Do we need another one in the audio visual space? What can we learn from the architecture community. We also talk about how to find out what your are great at and focusing on it.

AVI-SPL has completed the purchase of Anderson AV. SCN publishes their annual Top 50 integrators. Why would you not want to be on the list? We also look at how to keep customers happy.

InfoComm is bringing CTS prep to ISE in 2017. We talk about some ways to renew your CTS certification. We also talk about whether “Made in America” matters. Nominate your favorite product for the first annual AVNation Awards. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Dawn Meade – AVDawn Josh Srago – Teecom Michael Braithwaite – Clear One Runtime: … Read more

Samsung buys Harman for $8 billion. What does this mean for dealers, for the industry? We get an inside scoop from AMX’s Shaun Robinson. Harman hooks up with IBM’s Watson. We also talk about what happens to integrators when their distributors combine. Nominate your favorite product for the first annual AVNation Awards. Host: Tim Albright Guests: … Read more

We come to you this week from the 2016 InfoComm AV Executive Conference. We talk with author and speaker Ian Altman about selling with the customer in mind. We also discuss with our panel the impact the presidential election will have on the AV industry. Plus, what does 2017 look like for our industry? Nominate … Read more

As the U.S. gets ready for their presidential elections we ask what tech policies best encourage the audio visual industry. How do you design for spaces to stay up to date? We also look at the major issues impacting digital signage installations. Nominate your favorite product for the first annual AVNation Awards. Host: Tim Albright Guests: … Read more

The DDOS attacks of a week ago were made possible through a botnet. What does the audio visual industry need to do to protect itself and their clients? Is it time for a patch Tuesday in AV? We also look at InfoComm’s new three year strategic plan. Nominate your favorite product for the first annual … Read more

On this episode we look ahead and predict what the AV market will do over the next four years. How do you sell to the CIO or CTO? We end up talking about what would you change in the audio visual industry? Nominate your favorite product for the first annual AVNation Awards. Host: Tim Albright Guests: … Read more

Commercial Integrator says be IT centric or die, do we need new cable for HDMI  2.o?, Is Graphene in our future, and what does an Advertising Age story have to do with Inegration?  Plus, we announce our AVNation.TV AV Awards! Host: George Tucker  Guests: Bruce Kaufman  John Thomas  Runtime: 36:36

Melinda Gates is focusing their foundation of getting women into STEM careers. How can the audio visual industry help? We discuss the best ways to manage scope creep. Also, how do you rehab an existing audio or video system? Host: Tim Albright Guests: Pat Brown – SynAudCon Cody Kleven – Haivision Runtime: 26:47

On the eve of AV Month we chat with our dynamic panelists about the fun and foibles of IoT and Lighting, the trouble with long lasting products, and Cloud services you pay subscription for on your own premise? These stories and how you can help our AV Month celebrations. Host: George Tucker  Guests: Mark Coxon Josh … Read more

What are the technologies that came out of CEDIA 2016 that will have the biggest impact on the commercial AV market? We talk about DisplayNote and Dell working together. Also, why you need a mentor. Host: Tim Albright Guests: John Greene – Advanced AV Gina Sansivero – FSR, Inc Runtime: 33:49

On this episode we get the highlights of CEDIA 16 from Tim Albright and Richard Fergosa, Wireless Audio the future?, Outdoor DOOH and, how Crazy Eddie changed everything Host: George Tucker Guests: Chanan S. Averbuch –  @Chanan1684 Dawn Meade – @avdawn  Frank Culotta – @fmculotta1 Video:  

The new iPhone 7 has been announced with no headphone jack. How on earth will you connect that to your board room audio visual system? Andy Murray apparently lost his US Open match due to a bad DSP. InfoComm International is also making their courses available on college campuses. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Brock McGinnis – … Read more

Does AR and VR offer possible revenue streams for the audio visual integrator? We talk about video wall processors. How can the AV community come together and share ideas? We also look at third party verification. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Chris Neto – AV Helpdesk Mike Shinn – IMS Technology Services Runtime: 32:51 Click to Watch … Read more

Kaleidescape is shutting down. What does that mean for the audio visual industry and technology in general. We also look at how manufacturers support their dealers and train when not in country. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Dave Hatz – AVI Systems Ed Morgan – DisplayNote George Fornier – FSR Runtime: 32:51 Click to Watch the Video: … Read more

Cisco lays off 14,000 people. What impact will that have on the AV market? We talk about the most innovative products to come out of InfoComm 2016. Plus, how do you get into the House of Worship market? Host: Tim Albright Guests: Josh Srago – JSrato on Twitter Steve Greenblatt – Control Concepts Josh Shannahan – … Read more

InFocus is going after the Surface Pro Hub. Should they even concern themselves with that market? We talk about ways AV integrators can help with indoor air quality. Plus, how to get your product, or firm, attached to high profile jobs like the Olympics. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Penny Sitler – Draper John Greene – Advanced … Read more

InfoComm has introduced a digital badge system for the CTS community. Legrand is getting more into the lighting, shade, and control business. MIT has introduced their version of glasses-free 3D. Host: Tim Albright Guests: George Tucker – https://twitter.com/TuckerTues Bradford Benn – https://www.bradfordbenn.com Adrian Boyd – https://twitter.com/The_AV_Cad_Guy Christopher Doegl – https://www.umaskin.com/ Brad Grimes – http://www.infocomm.org/ Runtime: 35:07 … Read more

Verrex has been sold to a VC firm. Starting a new company with the same management team. D&B has joined the AVnu Alliance. Converging mass notification and entertainment systems. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Lindsey Adler, Ernie Beck, and Joe Cornwall Runtime: 35:20 Click to Watch the Video:   Subscribe to AVWeek: Links to Sources: Verrex bought … Read more

Voice Control Remote from Dish, Amazon Echo ‘Hack’, Wall Street is still in an AV buying mode, we say goodbye to the VCR (finally) Host: George Tucker Guests: Brad Grimes, Dawn Meade Running Time: Record Date: July 22, 2016 Click to Watch the Video:   Stories: Rane Sold to InMusic  Now You Can Hide Your … Read more

The WiFi Alliance has released a new certification pushing 4k streaming. What exactly makes the “best” display for AV? Plus, we talk about the best ways to keep your employees connected and sharing knowledge. Host: Tim Albright Guests:Kelly Perkins and Greg Brown Runtime: 32:38 Click to Watch the Video:   Subscribe to AVWeek: Stories: WiFi Alliance … Read more

Harman International is moving jobs from Indiana to Southern California and Mexico. What does this say about the health of the AV company? Polycom says No to Mitel and yes to Siris. VC companies have entered into the world of AV. Plus, what is the value of the APEx certification? Host: Tim Albright Guests:Harry Meade, Josh … Read more

We talk IoT and hacked CCTV cameras. InfoComm adds more European connections. Pioneer is partnering with Google. Plus, the Commercial Integrator 40 Under 40 nomination process has started. Host: George Tucker Guests: John Greene, Bradford Benn, and Craig MacCormack Runtime: 33:57 Click to Watch the Video:   Subscribe to AVWeek: Stories: Pioneer partners with Google Custom Commercial … Read more

The FAA has laid out regulations for commercial drones. What are the things you need to know when hiring a staging and event company? Plus, we talk about ways to get your company noticed through content creation. Host: Tim Albright Guests: George Tucker, Chris Neto, and Jay Myers Runtime: 36:38   Subscribe to AVWeek: Stories: The … Read more

Part two of our program live from the InfoComm 2016 show floor. InfoComm chief, Dave Labuskes and ISE’s Mike Blackman stop by. We talk with integrators, manufacturers, and more about the show, what they saw, and what’s coming next. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Dave Labuskes, Mike Blackman, Kevin Iselli, Bradford Benn, Chris Neto, & Matt Scott Runtime: … Read more

We are live from the show floor of InfoComm 2016. Join our group of integrators, consultants, and manufacturers as we talk about the latest AV technology. Biamp, Kramer, and Crestron all have new product lines. Why do these folks attend the show? We also cover how the industry is doing. Host: Tim Albright Guests:George Tucker, Clive Couldewell, … Read more

Shen, Milsom, and Wilke founder, Fred Shen, passed away this week. We talk about the best succession plans and how to implement them. What is the best solution for support; remote or on-site? Plus, we discuss the place BACnet has in AV. Host: Tim Albright Guests:George Tucker, Noble Crawford, and Rita Leitensdorfer Runtime: 33:16 Click to … Read more

SMART Technologies is being bought by Foxconn. This marks the second AV company the Chinese manufacturer has picked up recently. Google taps Harman International to help them with gesture control. Plus, we debut the 2016 #AVSelfie Song. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Dawn Meade, Kevin Iselli, and Chet Neal with Special Guest Phil Cordell. Runtime: 40:51 Click … Read more

Harman International moves a consumer executive into the pro division. What does this forecast about where Harman is heading. Microsoft has been granted a patent for something that sounds suspiciously like a video conferencing system. Plus, what is the best use case for tablets in a live sound environment? Host: Tim Albright Guests: John Greene, Harry … Read more

The FTC and FCC are looking into security for mobile. How will this affect the audio visual industry? We talk about IoT and ask if AV is ready for this influx of technology. Finally, we preview some InfoComm 2016 classes. Host: Tim Albright Guests: George Tucker, Malissa Dillman, and Paul Konikowsi Runtime: 32:46 Click to Watch the Video: … Read more

Barco has purchased Medialon, a show control company. Wyrestorm is introducing their first HDBaseT UHD 4K product at InfoComm. We talk about names and company identities. Plus, what will drive the move to 4K video conferencing? Host: Tim Albright Guests: Mike Shinn and Paul Depperschmidt Runtime: 32:03 Video:   Stories: InfoComm Awards 2016 Wyrestorm talks 4K … Read more

The acquisitions continue as the AVI-SPL is acquired, Smart Buildings based on feelings, RF transmissions make it through meat, these stories and more. Host: George Tucker Guests: David Maldow, Omar Rosado, Shai Moshe Running Time: Video: 30:22  

There have been a large number of acquisitions in the world of AV this year. What does this mean for integrators and for the companies themselves? How do you adjust when suddenly you loose a product line? Plus, what’s the best way to transition between a manufacturing and integration job? Host: Tim Albright Guests: George Tucker, … Read more

Polycom is getting purchased. Extron has a new 4:4:4 4K scaler. What does the new USB-C mean for the AV Industry? Plus, Cisco has entered into the TSN/AVB world with a new switch. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Bill Brown, Chris Bach, and Joe Cornwall Runtime: 31:14 Video:   Stories: Extron’s new 4K scaler Cisco’s AVB/TSN switch USB-C … Read more

Milestone acquired Vaddio earlier this week. Almo announced they acquired IAVI. What do both of these deals mean for the industry? Plus, why does InfoComm International sponsor the USA Science and Engineering Festival? Host: Tim Albright Guests: Josh Srago, John Greene, Brad Grimes, and Chanan Averbuch Runtime: 39:42 Video: Stories: InfoComm and the USA Science and … Read more

What connectors should manufacturers be focusing on to extend? We talk about how to get into the broadcast education market, or even if you should. Plus, when do you know it’s time to call it quits on a project? Host: Tim Albright Guests: George Tucker, Ronnie Anne Spang, and Ernie Beck Runtime: 34:49 Video:   Stories: … Read more

The Microsoft Surface is finally Shipping! Chief has developed a digital signage group. What will the Dante Via do for networked audio? Plus, we look at the Enterprise Connect show. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Mike Brandes, Lindsey Adler, Orion Madsen Runtime: 34:49 Video:   Stories: The FCC’s wireless spectrum auction A winner in the networked audio … Read more

Cisco is set to buy an IoT company for over one billion. What is the main use for UHD or 4K in digital signage? Plus, we ask how to get more women involved with the AV industry. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Kevin Iselli, Hailey Klein, Matt Slack Runtime: 35:15 Video:   Stories: The FCC’s wireless spectrum … Read more

A group has come up with a way to push 40 gig down Cat 8. The FCC is auctioning off more wireless spectrum. Plus we answer the question, do we need a winner for networked audio? Host: Tim Albright Guests: George Fornier, Justin Kennington, Julio Carrasco Runtime: 32:10 Video:   Stories: The FCC’s wireless spectrum auction … Read more

For Episode 236 we chat Sensor Tape, Better Audio for Smartphone and reports on Cable companies sabotaging internet video delivery. Host: George Tucker Guests: Andrew Wirshborn, Dean Detton, Terry Coffey Runtime: 40:32 Video:   Stories: http://www.forbes.com/sites/johnarcher/2016/03/01/att-sets-directv-free-with-new-internet-streaming-packages/#63e14dda2a85 http://www.eetimes.com/document.asp?doc_id=1329061 http://www.digitaltrends.com/cool-tech/sensortape-sensor-packed-roll-of-electrical-circuitry/ https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20160229/07183433755/fcc-probing-whether-cable-companies-have-sabotaged-internet-video.shtml

This week we come to you from the 18th annual NSCA Business Leadership Conference. We talk with integrators and manufacturers about the state of the AV economy, recruiting quality talent, and multi-generational communication. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Brock McGinnis, Jay Rogina, Frank Pisano, Ashton McGinnis, Dawn Kurtze, Bruce Kaufmann, Mike Shinn, and Steve Greenblatt Record Date: … Read more

On this AVNation Special we talk with outgoing and incoming NSCA Board presidents, board members, and Executive Director Chuck Wilson. We talk about the annual Business Leadership Conference, where the industry is headed, and what NSCA is doing to help recruit the next generation of AV professionals. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Chuck Wilson, Mike Hester, Kelly McCarthy, … Read more

We talk about the merger that has made the largest AV integrator in the US. Is the AV industry poised for unprecedented growth? Plus, where are all the rep jobs going? Host: Tim Albright Guests: Gina Sansivero, George Tucker, Harry Meade, Matt Scott, and Chris Neto Record Date: 2/19/2016 Running Time: 48:06 Video:       … Read more

We are live from Integrated Systems Europe 2016. What is the latest technology and services being released this week? We talk “Whisper Suites” and what they mean to the R&D of companies. Education and training in the AV space. Plus, we get a look at the record breaking numbers of this year’s show. Host: Tim Albright … Read more

Control 4 has acquired Pakedge. InFocus picks up a soft codec company. We preview some of our ISE 2016 activities. Plus, InfoComm has a new standard on cabling. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Paul Zielie, Mark Coxon, and Phil Cordell Record Date: 2/5/2016 Running Time: 40:52 Video:   Stories: Control 4 buys Pakedge InfoComm cabling standard InFocus … Read more

This week we welcome a number of non-US guests as we look at the globalization of AV. We talk about whether the industry needs an “audio specific” network switch. Foxconn is making a bid to take over Sharp. Plus we get some insights on what to expect at ISE. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Clive Couldwell, Craig MacCormack, Michael … Read more

AMX has had a bad week for PR. An Ars Technica story said one of their products allowed back doors. We talk about security in AV. How does one get into the court and law AV? We also look at what we can learn from smart buildings. Here is the AMX quote I read:   … Read more

This week we look at the new screen available for the Raspberry Pi. Shure has hooked into Cisco’s Internet of Everything. Plus, why should integrators attend the Digital Signage Expo’s education classes. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Chris Neto, Lainie Mataras, and Andrea Varrone Record Date: 1/15/2016 Running Time: 33:18 Video:       Stories: InfoComm career … Read more

On the very first AVWeek of 2016 we discuss Mark Zuckerberg’s resolution to create an AI assistant, going beyond IoT and a special report David Danto from CES 2016. Host: George Tucker Guests: Nicholas Piersons, Adrian Boyd Record Date: 01/08/2016 Running Time: 50:49 Video:       Stories: Zuckerberg to develop Personal AI   Beyond the IoT  Content or … Read more

We wrap up 2015 with our year end show. What were the biggest shifts during the year? We talk about the biggest winners and losers of the year. Plus, we look ahead to the biggest trends of 2016. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Dawn Meade, Harry Meade, Josh Srago, and Chris Neto Record Date: 12/22/2015 Running Time: 34:49 … Read more

There are new regulations for registering your drone. How do you get to be Integrator of the Year? We talk about what services are valued and what should be given away. Plus, getting young people involved in AV. Host: Tim Albright Guests: George Tucker, Craig MacCormack, and Chanan Averbuch Record Date: 12/18/2015 Running Time: 34:49 Video: … Read more

Tivo is sort of trying to revive Aereo. You can get an orange belt in TIO. There have been some exits from the CEDIA board.

>This week we talk about the recent InfoComm elections. Where is InfoComm heading? Plus we tackle the high speed topic of video over the network. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Ednan Chaudhry, Sam Malik, Ken Eagle, and Andrea Medeiros Record Date: 12/11/2015 Running Time: 31:24 Video:     Stories: InfoComm elects 2016 board IP video workflow Stories … Read more

Almo has announced their new Internet and phone service. What content is there for 4K? We talk about how to grow your business and get on the SCN Top 50? Plus, what is Cisco doing with Acano? Host: Tim Albright Guests: John Greene, Shaun Robinson, & Ed Morgan. Record Date: 12/4/2015 Running Time: 31:07 Video:   … Read more

We are live at InfoComm’s AV Executive Conference. We will talk about the take aways from this conference, customer service, and where the economics of the industry is currently. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Brad Grimes, Steve Greenblatt, and Jeff Wolf Record Date: 11/20/2015 Running Time: 22:03     Story Links:  

We are live at InfoComm’s AV Executive Conference. We will talk about the take aways from this conference, customer service, and where the economics of the industry is currently. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Frank Culotta, Brock McGinnis, and Gina Sansivero Record Date: 11/20/2015 Running Time: 29:14     Story Links:  

The Consumer Electronics Association has changed their name to the Consumer Technology Association. We talk about the viability of drones in the AV Space. How do companies gain your loyalty. Plus, we might be biking to Amsterdam for ISE Host: Tim Albright Guests: Matt Scott, Kelly Perkins, George Tucker Record Date: 11/13/2015 Running Time: 33:20 Video:   … Read more

Trying out a new residential version of AVWeek. If you like it, we’ll keep doing it. VIA International has gone into receivership, what does that mean for workers and customers? Planar has released a see-through OLED display. Plus, CNET purchased a house to try out Smart Home Technology. Host: Tim Albright Guests:Matt D. Scott, Julie Jacobson, … Read more

We wrap up New York Digital Signage Week and talk about why we were there covering it. TV One has a new female CEO. What does that mean for the women in the industry? NSCA has released a new testing tool for techs and new hires. Plus, we get into manufacturer partnerships. Host: Tim Albright Guests: … Read more

With the passing of two industry greats this week we ask the question, where are our next AV leaders? How do you keep your employees educated? Harman has a new AVnu Certified processor. What does this mean for TSN? Plus we dive into IoT for AV. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Bradford Benn, Karl Jackson, and Michelle … Read more

We discuss if AV gear can be a carrier for hacker code, procreating Millennials to crawl back to cable?, Virtual Touch, HDR commonplace in three years? These stories and more. Host: George Tucker Panelists: Tom Leblanc, Duffy Wilbert, Mitchell Klein, S.Kyle Davis Record Date: October 23, 2015 Running Time: 55:46 Video:     Stories: Espionage … Read more

We are live from the show floor of CEDIA Expo 2015. New CEDIA CEO Vin Bruno talks about his first show as the organization’s head. We get insights on the latest 4K and Atmos products. Plus what is the one product everyone is finally going after now? Host: Tim Albright Guests: Vin Bruno, Rich Fregosa, Jennifer … Read more

Polycom released a new lineup of video and audio conferencing tools. InFocus purchased Jupiter Systems. We talk about the new “certified” HDMI cable and the UL listed ones. Plus, what are you doing for AV Month? Host: Tim Albright Guests: Josh Srago, Roger Takacs, Ray Estrada, and Peter Mitchell Record Date: 10/09/2015 Running Time: 56:04 Video: … Read more

Join us to discuss:   Google’s Secret plans, IoT Bums out Electrical Engineering,  Predictions for your living room, Vinyls back and profitable…. These stories and more! Host:  George Tucker Panelists: Michael Braithwaite, Andrea Medeiros, Paul Zielie RunTime: 1:06:08 Video:     Stories:  Who’s Dumber- you or your home? 7 predictions for your living room Long Distance 4k Google’s secret … Read more

Lighting to replace Wifi?, VR to make huddle rooms passe’?, Sonos loses round 1 in court, these stories and more… Host: George Tucker Guests:  Jonathan Blackwood,Glenn Jystad, Malissa Dillman Runtime: 45:53 Video:   Stories Covered: VLC~ http://www.ecmag.com/section/light-conversation VR ~ http://www.avinteractive.com/news/virtual-reality-news/virtual-reality-grows-at-a-rapid-pace-and-opens-up-new-markets-15-09-2015/ What Clients Need ~ http://www.avnetwork.com/features/0014/determining-what-your-clients-need-their-av-to-do/95974 Sony HDR ~ http://www.twice.com/news/tv/sony-adds-hdr-three-more-4k-tvs/58597 Sonos v. D&M~ http://www.strata-gee.com/dm-holdings-loses-its-first-big-battle-in-legal-war-with-sonos/ TE’s HAI-1~ http://www.ecinews.eu/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2665:how-to-substitute-audio-signals-in-hdmi-signal-paths&catid=14&Itemid=300690

CEDIA has announced its new CEO. It’s former Crestron executive, Vin Bruno. We talk about licensing versus selling control code. Plus, we get insight into an AV company’s reorganization. Host: Tim Albright Guests:Matt Scott and Bradford Benn Record Date: 9/18/2015 Running Time: 57:03 NOTICE: The YouTube version abruptly ends at the 22:00 mark. We are working … Read more

Apple and Cisco have entered into a deal that gives iOS devices preferential treatment on Cisco networks. The Digital Signage Federation is gaining members. Why and when does Avnu Certification matter? Plus, what is the best way to mic a collaborative crowd? Host: Tim Albright Guests:George Tucker, Josh Srago, and Mark Cichowski Record Date: 9/11/2015 Running … Read more

Cheaper own your own cable boxes, Google’s new 4K format, Apple produces original content, disc are still a viable media,  Are we addicted to technology?  Andrea brings us the news from tech home builders. Host: George Tucker Guests: Andrea Mederios, Heather Sidorowicz, Chip Moody Record Date: 9/4/2015 Running Time: 55:49 Video:   Stories: Google 4K Phablet … Read more

The world markets have been on a rollercoaster as of late. What does that mean for the AV market? Phillips has a new configurable light; another IOT device. We talk about marketing your company. Plus, how to fire a trouble customer. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Tom Andry, Keren Lipshitz, and Joe Whitaker Record Date: 8/27/2015 Running … Read more

Scansource is picking up Cisco by buying KBZ. Dish Network announces control modules for several control companies. How USB-C will change AV. Plus, what do you need to know when working with millennial? Host: Tim Albright Guests: Hope Roth, Victoria Ferrari, Tom Leblanc, and Mike Tomei Record Date: 8/21/2015 Running Time: 50:14 Video:       … Read more

Leyard has bought Planar and Extron purchased Entwine. We talk about where projection mapping belongs besides the trade show floor. Plus, what is the future of DOOH. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Chris Bach, Dennis Holzer, and Kody Kochaver Record Date: 8/14/2015 Running Time: 43:10 Video:       Stories: Extron acquires Entwine Projection mapping tvOne separates … Read more

Sharp is leaving the U.S. market, Control 4 scored record profits, and EE Times wonders when this “wearable technology” thing will take off. Host: George Tucker Guests: Simon Dudley, Jenny Milpacher and Andrea Medeiros Record Date: 8/7/2015 Running Time: 1:05:36 Video:       Stories: Control 4’s record revenues 60 gig fiber Sharp TV leaves the U.S. … Read more

Toshiba is losing money and high ranking officals are out. How do we “re-tool” our workforce? Plus, we talk about standards in the U.S. and Europe. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Patrick Murray and Adrian Lloyd-Owen Record Date: 7/29/2015 Running Time: 45:15 Video:       Stories: Technicians need updating Who’s to blame for the hacked jeep? … Read more

For the first time in its over 200 shows, AVWeek will be going live without a planned roster of guests. Today from 2 pm to about 3 pm EDT, Tim Albright will go live on air and invite you, the AV community, to come on the show and contribute to the conversation on AVWeek. If you’ve never … Read more

Samsung is getting some supporters from Silicon Valley in their fight with Apple. Intel is having a problem with Moore’s Law. SoundCloud is connecting with a new Denon piece. Plus, AV in Space. Host: George Tucker Guests: Adrian Boyd, Josh Stackhouse, and Joe Whitaker. Record Date: 7/24/2015 Running Time: 55:18 Video:   Thanks to our Underwriters … Read more

Microsoft is delaying the shipment of Surface Hub. We find out about AV in Uganda from Boaz Shani. Samsung is already developing 11K. Plus, where are we with POE? Host: Tim Albright Guests: Chris Neto, Craig MacCormack, Justin Kennington, and Boaz Shani Record Date: 7/17/2015 Running Time: 55:18 Video:   Thanks to our Underwriters for their … Read more

CEDIA Expo 2015 is open for registration. We talk about what the show is, and is not. We talk about malleable projector screens, Bit-size computers, and Tech Managers. Plus, LG lays down almost $1 Billion on OLED. Host: Tim Albright Guests: George Tucker, Penny Sitler, and Margot Douaihy Record Date: 7/10/2015 Running Time: 59:30 Video:   Thanks to … Read more

This week we look at the new Google Chromebox for Meetings, Samsung’s semi-display idea, and fiber vs. copper. Plus, we talk about Commercial Integrator’s second annual “40 Under 40” issue. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Mike Shinn, John Green, Andrea Medeiros, and Matt D. Scott Record Date: 7/2/2015 Running Time: 1:05:26 Video:   Thanks to our Underwriters for … Read more

Part Two live from the show floor. Thank you again to InfoComm for allowing us to record from the show floor. We talk about drones, EU regulations, and education. Plus, Harry Meade gives us his annual swag and economic report. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Brad Grimes, Michael Blackman, Paul Zielie, Bradford Benn, Chris Neto, Victoria Ferrari, … Read more

Live from the InfoComm 2015 Show floor. We talk Microsoft Surface Hub, USB, LED, and more. What was the most exciting products? Who were people most impressed by? Plus we get to hear about some great cross-platform solutions. Host: Tim Albright Guests: George Tucker, Adrian Cotterill, Brock McGinnis, Dave Hatz, Josh Srago, Jamie Trader, Bill Brown, … Read more

InfoComm is just around the corner. We talk about the Microsoft Surface Hub availability, Crestron and IoT, and displays. Plus, what do projector manufacturers have to fear from Pizza Hut? Host: Tim Albright Guests: Lindsey Adler, Hope Roth, Todd Puma, and Craig Metzger Record Date: 6/12/2015 Running Time: 50:47 Video:   Thanks to our Underwriters for their … Read more

This week we look at Google’s Project Soli. It’s the Drunk Unkles’ 10th anniversary. We talk about the Thunderbolt/USB-C connections. What will it take to save Hi-Fi audio? Plus,  Andrea Medeiros talks about  TecHome Builder’s stories.   Host: George Tucker Guests: Mitchell Klein,George Fournier, Gary Gifford, Andrea Medeiros Record Date: 6/5/2015 Running Time: 58:50 Video: Audio Only: http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/d1qfzqjehw0dc8.cloudfront.net/avweek_20150605.mp3   Thanks … Read more

InfoComm chief, Dave Labuskes, wrote a blog about other groups directly soliciting InfoComm show attendees. What can be done about them? We give some advice for those going to the show. Inter operability and standards keep popping up in AV. Are we ready for them? We also look at the CE Pro Top 100. Host: Tim … Read more

To watch on YouTube directly please click here. LG has a new OLED display at 1 mm thick. We talk about moving beyond the need for connectors. Apple has scraped plans for the Apple Display. IPv4 is running out. Plus, the FCC has upped the requirements for broadband. Host: Tim Albright Guests: John Greene of … Read more

A new HDBaseT extender claims 4K over 230 feet. We talk about a new power strip. InfoComm has announced their award winners. Plus, who is your real customer? Host: Tim Albright Guests: Phil Cordell of M3 Technology Group, Tom LeBlanc of Commercial Integrator, and Julie Rolles of PSA Security. Record Date: 5/15/2015 Running Time: 56:11

AVB is now officially TSN, The Music Group buys The Tech Group, and how long until projection mapping becomes a thing? Host: Tim Albright Guests: Josh Srago, Brad Grimes, and Micha Reisling Record Date: 5/07/2015 Running Time: 55:38 Stories: Nortek’s AV division losing money Projection mapping on a Volvo CEDIA is looking for a new CEO Music Group … Read more

Utilities offering smart thermostats free, One sensor for all your automation needs?, data scooping- will it be an integrator’s newest tool?, Tesla introduces new battery for the home, ESPN threatens to sues Verizon’s À la carte offering into submission Andrea Medeiros of Tec HomeBuilder joins us to kick off a new segment of Publications Perspectives … Read more

Sanyo is set to lose over $1 billion; how do they get back on track? Extron is trying to make True4K a standard. We talk about architectural standards and InfoComm show booth spaces.

https://youtu.be/G_vx3RKs88 Where will Apple Watch take control and automation? We talk about LG and Samsung’s movement in OLED. What should we call the various flavors of 4K/UHD? Plus we talk about getting kids interested in technology at an early age.

The founder of Lutron has passed away; what was his impact on the industry? We talk about 4K production, Internet of Things, and HDCP 2.2. Plus, our guests give integrators new avenues for sales leads.

With Wrigley Field behind on its construction, we talk about how to handle big projects and expectations. The panelists discuss front end tech support, AV design, and how to bring value to the client.

InfoComm is trying to raise money for a new grant program. Where are we with 4K? What does great customer service look like to you? Plus, we get into the latest InfoComm Show space for new exhibitors.