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Here you’ll find the written works of the AVNation staff writers and guest blogs. The writers are AV industry members and participants. Our blogging collective brings a wealth of real-world industry experience to not only look at the ‘what’ of a story or issue, but also address the more important part – the ‘why’. Start here for opinion pieces, product reviews, industry news, software solutions and more.
Frequent contributors:

Cloud computing for your integration business.

Margot Douaihy recaps NYDSW 2018 and does a deep dive into digital signage’s future.

Margot Douaihy keys on three takeaways from the annual AVIXA AVEC

Matt Scott takes in the HTSA’s Fall Conference and finds out why it’s not just a buying group.

Taking the Control4 PCNA course as a first time network designer

Joe Whitaker and The Thoughtful Home take over an audiovisual and network system at historic Olin Mansion

Mike Michaelowicz wraps up AVEC 2018 with marketing advice for commercial integrators

Wrapping up the AV Executive Conference (AVEC) 2018 Day 1

AVIXA Women’s local council teams up with Women of Digital Signage for NYDSW event

DisplayNote provides the software that turns NEC displays into audiovisual collaboration and UCC devices.

Patrick May from Legrand AV discusses his team’s internal collaboration and working with NEC to provide solutions for commercial integrators.

We are live from Times Square kicking off New York Digital Signage Week 2018

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