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What is AVIXA?

A quick answer is, it’s the new name and identity of the audio visual association formerly known as InfoComm International. AVIXA (the audiovisual and integrated experience association) formally came to be September 13, 2017. At 9 in the morning, I sat in an auditorium surrounded by audio visual press colleagues from around the world. London … Read more

The Self-Hating Technologist Part 2

See part one of The Self-Hating Technologist here. One of Us With the global adoption of smart devices and interconnected systems, a digital ecosystem has been created that allows unmatched potential for communication and learning. It also means that to participate in that ecosystem, you have to choose how much of yourself and your information … Read more

The Self-Hating Technologist Part 1

The technological age in which we live is absolutely incredible. The things that we are capable of accomplishing as machines talk to other machines, the improved efficiencies of our daily lives with smart devices and automation, the ability to communicate with those across the world in order to share and advance thought, invention, and society … Read more

The Real Value of Crestron Masters

By Steve Greenblatt This year Crestron celebrated its 15th Masters event. As a regular attendee, I have had the opportunity to watch this event flourish from an attendee perspective, as well as a content and venue perspective. Through the years, the Masters event has transformed the value and learning experience for students. Initially, training and … Read more

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The #AVSelfie 2017

[pydsmugmugslider albumid="109258051" albumkey="p389nw" albumtype="slider" imagesize="ThumbURL" imagelink="LightboxURL" ] The #AVSelfie 2017 April 26, 2017 by AVNation Organization The concept of the #AVselfie has always been a simple one. Let’s show the AV world who we are. Not just the logos, brands, and technology, let's show the people and personalities that make up this amazingly creative industry. ... Read more

Two Weeks of Pondering Privacy Rules

It’s been two weeks since the United States House of Representatives joined the Senate and passed a bill that “undid” the FCC privacy rules that were voted in during the Obama administration; at least that’s what we all heard for the weeks prior to the vote and immediately after. I’ve been kicking around what response … Read more

Logo for Harman - A Samsung Company

Samsung and Harman look to cars, connected, and continuity

It has been done. The announcement was a bit earlier in the year than I expected actually. Last week Samsung announced their acquisition of Harman had been completed. Harman stock was delisted on the NYSE as of March 13. It is complete. Within all the press release stuff, I want you to notice something.  Samsung’s … Read more

Almo E4 AV Tour Comes to Chicago

Have you registered for InfoComm yet? Hard to believe that show is less than 100 days away from kicking off. Last year brought us 1000 exhibitors spanning the Las Vegas show floor along with endless educational opportunities from the Saturday preceding the show until the 4 pm bell rang on Friday. I don’t know about … Read more

How IoT Can Connect All Aspects of Your Life

Note: This blog is a continuation of the ideas discussed in a recent Connected podcast. When you think of consumer and residential tradeshows like CES and CEDIA, you think that those technologies only affect your home life. However, in recent years many technologies have been developed to work as both consumer and professional tools. Harman, … Read more

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