Crestron Masters 2019 Coverage

Crestron Masters

Crestron Masters is the annual gathering of Crestron Certified Programmers. This event provides control systems designers and the coders that make the lights go on (and everything else) the tools they need and updates to the Crestron product line.

It has evolved into a chance for designers and design engineers to further their understanding of Crestron products as well as furthering their AV education.

Crestron Masters takes place in the U.S. every April and in Europe each May.


Day 1 of Crestron Masters 2019

Discussing the potential classes that could be seen at future versions of Crestron Masters.

How architects and AV technicians can work together, future technology for building and more with Danny Forster.

Discussing Crestron Masters 2019, how it has evolved, and where it could be headed in the future.

Talking with Nic Milani about Crestron Masters 2019, and Crestron’s push into UC solutions.

The value of manufacturer specific training, and working remotely in AV.

Discussing Crestron’s new cloud-based deployment and management platform at Crestron Masters 2019.

Looking at both the past and the future of the Crestron Masters program, and the new MTA course section.

Talking about Crestron Masters 2019 and the benefit of learning Unified Communication systems.

Discussing the Crestron Masters experience, Crestron Home OS 3 and working with modular systems.

Discussing Crestron’s UC solutions, and the evolution of the huddle space.

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