Bradford’s Brain Balloon #0022 – Net Neutrality Neutralization

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Bradford’s Brain Balloon #0022 – Net Neutrality Neutralization

Recorded Wednesday, November 22, 2017

As some are aware, Net Neutrality is in the process of being rolled back pending an FCC vote. I am going to try to keep this topic apolitical and just talk about how these changes could impact the AV industry. The issue is in speed to deliver content as well as the ability to connect to any service that is desired.

For most of us that issue will directly impact the industry if broadband or internet service providers decide to limit VoIP connections, Video Teleconferencing connections, or Virtual Private Network interactions. All of these can easily be throttled or limited using basic network tools. In addition one can slow competing services while not becoming a monopoly.

Allow me to explain with a hypothetical example based on current market conditions. Comcast Business resells various services as part of their package. For Web Conferencing they resell Cisco WebEx Meeting Center. If your company prefers Zoom, there is no protection that Comcast has to pass Zoom traffic at the same data rate. The slowing of data could easily cause Zoom to not function. To solve the issue you chose to use another service, such as Webex. You know Comcast will make sure it works as a reseller. As a result the number of solution providers to pick from has been reduced, a reduction of competition .

I am not saying anyone has done this example, but it is very easy to consider.

I ask us as the industry to get involved and make sure your representatives know your feelings. You can find more information at

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