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Daily Download July 4, 2018

Messaging on campus

EDTech 62: Bill O’Donnell is joined by Ernie Bailey, Rob Rasberry, and Scott Tiner talking about collaborative software to use in your business. Scott Tiner starts off talking the value of messaging systems.

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EDTech 63: InfoComm 2018

Wrapping up InfoComm 18

With over 40 percent of the InfoComm 2018 audience made up of tech managers and end users, we wrap up our coverage getting the show from their perspective. Hear from a first-time attendee about his experience at the show. What our panel though was the one thing they will take back to their campuses. Plus, a tap shoe microphone.

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Daily Download June 12, 2018

Campus media playback

EDTech 62: Whether you are serving up content for the cafeteria or needing to relay a message across campus, media players are becoming prevalent at colleges and universities Our EDTech panel discusses how to choose the best one for your use case and culture.

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Daily Download June 6, 2018

ProAV tech for school safety

EDTech 62: NSCA helped form the PASS Alliance. Its aim is to use technology to make schools a safer place. Scott Tiner from Bates College wrote a blog on rAVe about the PASS program and our panel talked with Tiner about his piece and the initiative.

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EDTech 62: PASS Alliance

Using AV tech for safer schools

Our panel this month looks at the NSCA PASS initiative. PASS stands for Partner Alliance for Safer Schools and how NSCA and audiovisual integrators can help school systems assess their preparedness. We also look at using digital signage systems. The best media players for use in the classrooms.

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Daily Download May 15, 2018

Training Faculty

EDTech 61: Each year, or semester, college campuses update, renovate, or install new audiovisual systems. Today our panel discusses best practices to get the faculty and staff up to speed on how to use the systems. The idea is to give them one less thing to worry about and to focus on the job of teaching.

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Daily Download May 9, 2018

Going green with lasers

EDTech 61: Laser projectors have offered campus technology managers solutions to a few problems. The first is the elimination of the mercury-based lamps. With lasers, there are none. Our panel discusses other ways going to laser helps you environmentally as well.

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EDTech 61: No Lightbulb

Laser projection may be our eco-savior

How laser projection can help in the fight for recycling hazardous materials in the audiovisual industry. Integrating mass notification into campus AV systems. The most effective way to train your faculty to utilize their classroom systems.

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