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EDTech 60: Ed Network

Managing the audiovisual across your campus network

Dante Domain manager allows you to determine who gets access to your Dante signals. Our panel discusses other ways to direct the AV traffic on the network. Wireless collaboration systems have become commonplace on campuses. Which one is the best for you? The connection between digital signage and digital canvas.

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Daily Download February 13, 2018

EDTech 57: Ernie Bailey, Tom Stipes, and Rob Raspberry join host Bill O’Donnell to talk about winter installs and renovations. The Winter, or Holiday, Break can be a great time to get stuff done on a college campus. It can also be a source of frustration.

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EDTech 58: HDMI and Collaboration

Our panel discusses the challenges that will come along with the new HDMI 2.1 specification. What are the best ways to get faculty and staff to collaborate? We also look at managing video signal flow in classrooms and lecture halls.

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