AVWeek ep 363 slate

AVWeek 363: Managing Expectations

A rise in corporate AV jobs

A new AVIXA report says corporate audiovisual sales will increase over the next four years. Getting manufacturers and integrators to work together on big projects. Selling video conferencing systems in a world of Zoom and Google Hangouts.

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Daily Download July 3, 2018

The new Surface Hub is here

AVWeek 351: On today’s Daily Download Cory Schaffer, Shaun Robinson, and David Mallow talking about Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2. Shaun Robinson starts off talking about the improvements made over the first Surface Hub.

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AVWeek 357 slate

AVWeek 357: The World is Watching

Go where the people are

Audiovisual manufacturers are using the World Cup to debut and sell their wares. Sony released an immersive audio product that goes after Dolby ATMOS but also includes some unique features. Looking at hardware development through the lens of software-first.

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AVWeek 351 slate

AVWeek 351: Ikea AV

Surface Hub 2: The return of Microsoft

Four years ago Microsoft almost exhibited at InfoComm 2014 with their original Surface Hub. Now, two weeks before InfoComm 2018 the technology giant announces the second generation of interactive displays; the Surface Hub 2. There are several reports that claim you can hack voice assistants. What will this do to the developing ProAV voice control market? Using audiovisual technology in creative retail spaces.

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Daily Download May 8, 2018

Getting help expanding into new markets

AVWeek 345: As integrators across the globe look to expand their client base beyond their home borders, they look to partners to help them do so Our panel talks about ways manufacturers can help make that growth a bit easier.

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Daily Download May 2, 2018

Data on Fire

AVWeek 345: With the revelations about Cambridge Analytica and Facebook, our panelists tackle an article written by Dan Newman. There are laws and expectations when you, as an audiovisual integrator, handle someone’s data. You need to protect your customer’s data and yourself.

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AVWeek 345 slate

AVWeek 345: Flammable Data

If you touch the data, you are responsible

Dan Newman writes in Commercial Integrator this week about how the Facebook data issue is a cautionary tale for audiovisual integrators. Working with your manufacturer partners to expand globally. Samsung’s new cinema display and what it says about the cinema market and their Harman acquisition.

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Daily Download March 29, 2018

Holograms in AV

AVWeek 339: With a number of live staging events using a version of holograms our panel dives into using the display technology for other applications. There may be uses for holograms in other audiovisual spaces and AV pros will need to know how to successfully deploy them.

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Daily Download March 21, 2018

Learning AV

AVWeek 339: We take a page from our friends at AV Magazine and ask, what is the state of audiovisual education? Cory Schaeffer, Gina Sansivero, and Mike Abernathy join in the discussion and give their perspective.

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AVWeek 339: Training AV

NEC picked up a direct view LED manufacturer. A production company has standardized on Epson for their hologram creations. Where holograms can be helpful in both permanent installed audiovisual as well as live staging and events. Where we are with the state of AV education.

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