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Daily Download April 26, 2018

Standardizing on a single ProAV manufacturer

AVWeek 343: Our panel looks at new construction and large projects. When does it make sense to go with a single manufacturer across the entire scope of work? Is it easier to lean on one company or design each system independently throughout the project?

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Daily Download April 20, 2018

Paying attention to lighting, acoustics

AVWeek 343: From our friends over at InAVate, we continue their conversation about why acoustics and lighting don’t seem to get as much attention in a ProAV design and installation as the video does.

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AVWeek 343 slate

AVWeek 343: Ambience

Light up your AV design

On this episode of AVWeek, our panel discusses the wisdom of using the same manufacturer throughout the design and install process. Why some audiovisual integrators may not be offering managed services yet. When designing your AV systems, do you focus on lighting and acoustics?

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Daily Download February 21, 2018

AVWeek 336: Minneapolis-based Alpha Video was involved with the live production of the NFL’s biggest game this year. Commercial Integrator’s Craig MacCormack interviewed them about the process. We talked with Craig as well as Brock McGinnis about how to pull off high-profile events.

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AVWeek 336 slate

AVWeek 336: Big Game AV

A local audiovisual integrator is responsible for helping make the NFL’s Big Game happen. Working outside your home country can be a challenge, but also offer some nice rewards. AVIXA has announced a new education track at the InfoComm Show. A preview of Integrated Systems Europe 2018.

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AVWeek 328: Dummy Passwords

The rise of the $1 billion integrator and what that means for the other companies in their field. Is there such a thing as “too big”? There is a bot-net 100,000 devices strong. How to protect your networks and make sure your network audio visual devices aren’t one of them. Samsung, Legrand, and Marriott are working together to bring IoT and integrated experiences to hospitality.

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