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Connected 5: Infocomm Connections 2016

David follows-up on the Connected episode covering security in the wake of the recent AMX Backdoor news. He speaks with attendees of InfoComm Connections in San Jose about how severe a problem it was.

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Connected! 4: Technology Trends and Predictions

David Danto and guests recap the last year in IoT and discuss- Where are the current design thoughts and processes leading technology to? From Security of IoT, delivery of content, acquisition of data, how 3D printing may make things duller, and more!

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Connected 2: Securely

On this episode of connected David speaks with a panel of experts on internet security.Will the new wave of IoT devices lead to a Terminator style rise of the machines, or are there actions we can take to ensure the security of our data (and not give away all our rights every time we click “I Agree” on a software license?)

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