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IT AV 44: Rogue Access


Looking at the future of the workplace being a hybrid of remote and in-office workers, and how to keep systems secure as these employees are spread out.

IT AV 43: Have A Plan


The Presence Summit is announced, how the AV industry can bolster the UC space, and how cloud computing is growing in higher education.

Daily Download Monday June 1, 2020


With the pandemic putting everyone inside, there’s even more emphasis on video platforms. But which one is going to come out on top?

IT AV 41: The Golden Era


The rise of video conference platforms, keeping the lines secure, and giving integrators a reason to invest in a Cybersecurity expert.

IT AV 39 Slate

IT AV 39: As A Service


How the coronavirus will affect the tech industry, Snom is looking at the UC space, and where AV as a service is headed for both AV and IT.

IT AV 35: Network-centric


Taking a look at what’s come out of Zoomtopia 2019, and how AV technicians can get into the IT side of collaboration spaces.

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