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Daily Download June 22, 2018

Virtual audiovisual

AVWeek 349: Disney has unveiled a prototype device that provides haptic feedback in a virtual reality environment. The system is very similar to “Ready Player One”. Our panel discusses the ways that the ProAV industry can use these and other sensory devices to create exceptional experiences.

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ResiWeek 122 slate

ResiWeek 122: InfoComm 2018

From resi to commercial and back again

We are coming to you from the AVNation studios at InfoComm 2018. Apple’s WWDC developer conference was this week and they were talking smart home and Siri evolving. AVIXA heald their first ever “Integrated Life” all-day class at InfoComm. What the insights from Parks can tell us about the residential and commercial spaces.

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IT AV 18 slate

IT AV 18: Convenience or Death

A Battle of Security versus Convenience

The FBI is asking consumers to reboot their routers due to a security flaw. It’s a good time to remind ProAV dealers to stop using consumer-grade switches and routers. A hacker group claims there’s a security issue with ZWave devices. ZWave clarifies the situation. What IT managers need to know about AV over IP technology.

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Daily Download May 31, 2018

ADA and hearing assist standards

AVWeek 347: A new UK hearing assist standard has been released based on the EU standard. Mike Tomei, Dawn Meade, and Victoria Ferrari join George Tucker to talk about how standards can help both audiovisual integrators and their clients create more inclusive spaces.

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Daily Download May 17, 2018

Getting Certified

IT AV 16: Control4’s PCNA certification program has just celebrated their anniversary. Our panel discusses whether manufacturer-specific certifications like the PCNA make a difference when bidding on an audiovisual install in the corporate or residential environment.

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