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AVWeek 373: Just Right

Looking at where IOT and AI will affect the AV industry the most, the importance of local support when expanding globally, and the difference of dealing with a distributor instead of directly with the manufacturer.

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Daily Download December 28, 2017

AVWeek 327: Highland Partners purchased Biamp as a first step into audio visual manufacturing. Joe Andrulis from Highland Partners joined us the day after the announcement to talk about what dealers should expect from the new ownership.

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AVWeek 327: Bigger, Faster, Stronger AV

Biamp has been purchased by Highland Partners and former AMX head Rashid Skaf is taking over as CEO. We talk with Joe Andrulis, also formerly of AMX, who is joining Skaf at Biamp about the purchase. The new HDMI 2.1 specification is out. We discuss what that means for the audio visual industry.

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