AVWeek 398 slate

AVWeek 398: Show Me

Poly faces legal disputes over their brand new logo, looking at Vista’s Experience Center, and the state of soft codec and UC.

AVWeek 361 slate

AVWeek 361: Training Wheels

AV education in IT

Getting audiovisual installers a running start on configuring IT switches for AV transport. Distributors mergers and acquisitions and the impact they will have on the global AV economy. Displays with built-in computers versus modular additions.

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AVWeek 288: Live from NSCA BLC 2017

We are recording from the NSCA’s annual Business Leadership Conference. We talk with manufacturers and integrators to find out why they come, what they have learned, and what they will take home. They also discuss the trends in technology and business that will impact integrators in the coming year.

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AVWeek 282: Net Profits

One of Samsung’s top executives is facing arrest over corruption charges. How will that impact the audio visual industry? A group of integrators were in Washington discussing ways to get more IT talent into their firms. We also look ahead to ISE 2017 and the popularity of interactive displays being shown.

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