AVWeek 361 slate

AVWeek 361: Training Wheels

AV education in IT

Getting audiovisual installers a running start on configuring IT switches for AV transport. Distributors mergers and acquisitions and the impact they will have on the global AV economy. Displays with built-in computers versus modular additions.

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Daily Download June 22, 2018

Virtual audiovisual

AVWeek 349: Disney has unveiled a prototype device that provides haptic feedback in a virtual reality environment. The system is very similar to “Ready Player One”. Our panel discusses the ways that the ProAV industry can use these and other sensory devices to create exceptional experiences.

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AVWeek 349: Into the Oasis

Experience and support

When TEECOM set about designing the new UC Berkeley Haas building, their aim was long-term use and the ability to support the tech. Disney has developed a new augmented and virtual reality input with “feeling”. What the new SDVoE design program means for the audiovisual industry.

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Daily Download April 26, 2018

Standardizing on a single ProAV manufacturer

AVWeek 343: Our panel looks at new construction and large projects. When does it make sense to go with a single manufacturer across the entire scope of work? Is it easier to lean on one company or design each system independently throughout the project?

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