AVWeek 376 slate

AVWeek 376: Comfort Level

Making sure your AV products are secure, the user interface experience, and how to sell to multiple decision makers.

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Daily Download November 6, 2018

Electrosonic is awarded as an AVIXA APEx qualifier. How AVIXA and those companies designated with APEx can benefit one another.

Daily Download November 2, 2018

Crestron responds to a security vulnerability in its devices. How taking security threats seriously can give your customers relief.

AVWeek 364 slate

AVWeek 364: Look Outside

AV Security Best Practices

Once again an audiovisual manufacturer is the subject of a hacking article on a tech press website. This time Crestron was featured during a Def Con session on hacking the control company’s products. Crestron had already fixed the exploit with a firmware update but it gives us the chance to talk about best practices in AV security. Our panel also discusses the benefits of regional and local experience centers. Plus ideas to get more AVIXA APEx certified commercial integrators.

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Daily Download May 18, 2018

Organic Influence

AVSocial 34: As InfoComm 2018 approaches we gather some of the best social media influencers in ProAV. Megan Dutta, Barbara Blaskowsky, and Chris Neto discuss how to maintain your authenticity while organically becoming a social media influencer.

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AVSocial 34 slate

AVSocial 34: No Posers

Influencers and InfoComm 2018

As the ProAV community gears up for InfoComm 2018 we sit down with our expert panel to discuss ROI and social influence. The best way to make the most of the annual audiovisual extravaganza. Creating buzz around your company and product before and after the show. The best way to use social influence to better connect with your clients.

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Daily Download January 31, 2018

AVWeek 332: From our 2018 preview episode, we look ahead to what we think will be the biggest stories of the coming year. For the last 6 years, host Tim Albright has predicted Cisco will buy a control company. Listen to why he says this year they don’t need to.

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