IT AV 22 slate

IT AV 22: Tattooed Trees

John Deere adapts DRM onto its products, and Amazon introduces Alexa to the car through Echo Auto.

IT AV 19 slate

IT AV 19: Isolate

IoT Abuses

A New York Times piece highlighted how domestic abuse cases are starting to include the use of smart home and IoT devices as tools of harassment. What you and your IT and AV team need to know to protect yourselves and your company from a disgruntled ex-spouse or ex-employee. The new WPA 3 is coming from the WiFi Alliance and IEEE. How it will impact networks and security.

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IT AV 18 slate

IT AV 18: Convenience or Death

A Battle of Security versus Convenience

The FBI is asking consumers to reboot their routers due to a security flaw. It’s a good time to remind ProAV dealers to stop using consumer-grade switches and routers. A hacker group claims there’s a security issue with ZWave devices. ZWave clarifies the situation. What IT managers need to know about AV over IP technology.

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