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AVSocial 39: Too Late To Market?

Looking at managing an editorial calendar, planning for the new year, and finding the best time to inform clients about deals or events.

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Daily Download April 13, 2018

Audiovisual Holidaze

AVSocial 32: There are the usual ones; Thanksgiving (U.S. and Canada), Halloween, and Valentine’s Day. Then there’s Pi Day. How some audiovisual companies incorporate Pi Day with their clients and culture.

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AVSocial 32: Pie Day

Celebrate with clients

We have all seen commercials advertising specials for Christmas, New Year’s, and other holidays. On this AVSocial our panel discusses what you can do to connect with your clients surrounding holidays and special occasions. Even March 14, which is Pi Day.

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Daily Download October 31, 2017

AVSocial 27: Haley Klein, Mike Kirby, and Lisa Remo look back at the biggest challenges of audio visual marketers, how they overcame those obstacles, and getting to a return on investment (ROI) of marketing efforts.

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