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Daily Download May 31, 2018

ADA and hearing assist standards

AVWeek 347: A new UK hearing assist standard has been released based on the EU standard. Mike Tomei, Dawn Meade, and Victoria Ferrari join George Tucker to talk about how standards can help both audiovisual integrators and their clients create more inclusive spaces.

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AVWeek 347 slate

AVWeek 347: Standard Issue

Standards evolve in hearing assist and audio over the network

There is a new standard in hearing assistance systems. How this will change how ProAV dealers integrate the systems with new and existing audio systems. Dante expands to support AES67. The InfoComm show in June will highlight augmented reality and virtual reality in audiovisual designs.

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A State of Control 41 slate

A State of Control 41: Simplicate, not Technicate

Best practices for choosing the proper solution for a project. There are several audiovisual control and automation platforms available and each have their own strengths. How do you choose the one that’s best for the job you are working on and what is best for the client?

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EdTech 51: Staring at HDCP

Editor’s note: we did not have all the information on HDCP 2.2 Pro at the time of this recording. Please read our blog on HDCP 2.2 Pro for more up to date information. Thank you.
HDCP 2.2 Pro has been released, we discuss whether this is really about content protection or just a cash grab. Is it a benefit or boondoggle for Higher Education technical departments.

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EdTech 46: Write Your Own Code

Should manufacturers get into the business of selling directly to end users? How do you foster brand loyalty? InfoComm is starting to offer AV education in high schools. Plus, what is the use case for VR in the classroom?

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