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Daily Download March 23, 2018

The economic outlook for AV

AVWeek 340: Each year at the NSCA’s annual Business Leadership Conference an economist looks at the U.S. and global economic climate. This economic expert then sets about providing advice and insight for those audiovisual dealers in the room. Based on that advice how does our panel feel about their futures?

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AVWeek 340 slate

AVWeek 340: BLC 2018

This week was our annual gathering at the NSCA Business Leadership Conference (BLC). This event is in it’s 20th year. We talk with sponsors, manufacturers, integrators and others about what they are taking away from the annual conference. We also get a look ahead to the economics of the audiovisual industry.

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AVWeek 288: Live from NSCA BLC 2017

We are recording from the NSCA’s annual Business Leadership Conference. We talk with manufacturers and integrators to find out why they come, what they have learned, and what they will take home. They also discuss the trends in technology and business that will impact integrators in the coming year.

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