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Daily Download December 3, 2018

QSC lets dealers order and have their switches installed directly. How human error can cause interference when setting up networks.

IT AV 23 slate


How to get AV-specific switches into IT and datacenters, and discussing what today’s AV tech need to know about IT.

IT AV 19 slate

IT AV 19: Isolate

IoT Abuses

A New York Times piece highlighted how domestic abuse cases are starting to include the use of smart home and IoT devices as tools of harassment. What you and your IT and AV team need to know to protect yourselves and your company from a disgruntled ex-spouse or ex-employee. The new WPA 3 is coming from the WiFi Alliance and IEEE. How it will impact networks and security.

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Daily Download February 5, 2018

IT AV 12: Aurora Multimedia’s Paul Harris and indispensable industry icon, Bradford Benn, join in to talk about Net Neutrality. Since the FCC lifted the restrictions from the previous U.S. administration, what are some of the concerns audiovisual dealers might have?

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IT AV 12: Neutral AV

On Thursday, December 14, the U.S. F.C.C. (Federal Communications Commission) voted to end the Net Neutrality protections put into place during the last administration. Our panel of audio visual and IT experts discuss the impact this decision could have on the AV world. We also look ahead to the biggest security issues of 2018.

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