ITAV 26 slate

IT AV 26: Softer Codec

Unified communications and collaboration, how the new generation is impacting the IT and AV network, and how new laws could affect your next installation.

IT AV ep 15 slate

IT AV 15: Dot Matrix Days

Augemented reality and virtual reality have developed into solid technologies. Where they belong in the audiovisual industry. How video transport over the network will impact the overall net admin. How blockchain can be used in the AV industry.

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Daily Download February 20, 2018

A State of Control 40: As voice control becomes more of a feature customers want, our panel discusses how much reliance we still have as an audiovisual industry on the touch panel interface.

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A State of Control 40 slate

A State of Control 40: Touchless Control

The audiovisual control system touch panel may be dead soon. What impact does IoT have on both residential and commercial AV? We discuss whether voice control is a part of the control or automation systems.

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Daily Download October 13, 2017

IT AV 9: 4K is becoming a regular part of the audio visual integrators’ experience. So is using the network to transport audio, video, and control. Paul Zielie, Michael Drainer, and Justin O’Connor talk about using the network to send 4K video.

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