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Daily Download April 18, 2018

Sexual harassment in ProAV

AVWeek 342: After #MeToo and high profile departures all around the audiovisual industry, AVNation asked a simple question to two prominent women in the AV industry. What should those impacted do and what can we, as an industry, do to support them?

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Daily Download April 9, 2018

Audiovisual Dealer co-opetition

AVWeek 342: Commercial Integrator ran the story of two Canadian AV integrators working together to complete a complex job. Our panel discusses when and how to incorporate another company into your operations.

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AVWeek ep 342 slate

AVWeek 342: Open, Honest

In our relationships, marketing, businesses, and workplaces.

Creating an environment that encourages co-opetition among integrators. Getting a lab perspective on 4K and HD video over the network. How best to handle sexual harassment in the audiovisual industry.

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