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Daily Download November 20, 2018

Programming was the standard way for control systems, but configuration has become a steady competitor. Which one is right for your business?

A State of Control 51 slate

A State of Control 51: Web Vs. AV

Continuing the conversation about interface design. What the industry can do to stay on top of things and discussing the future of user interface design.

AVWeek 376 slate

AVWeek 376: Comfort Level

Making sure your AV products are secure, the user interface experience, and how to sell to multiple decision makers.

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A State of Control 49: Harman Development Conference 2018

Getting together with AMX programmers

Harman recently held their annual developer’s conference in Richardson, Texas. Today on A State of Control we talk with participants of this gathering about the highlights of the event, IoT applications for AV, and the biggest takeaways.

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Daily Download September 21, 2018

Diversified acquires Digitavia and establishes an office in Dubai. The benefits and risks that come with expanding your business on a global scale.