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Daily Download October 26, 2018

U.S. Senators are asking the FTC to look into how smart TVs are tracking their data. Keeping your client informed about where their data is going.

ResiWeek 129 slate

ResiWeek 129: Dear Senator

ULA’s and App Tracking

Some U.S. Senators want the Federal Trade Commission to look into how smart TVs are tracking your usage. CEDIA has a new Executive Vice President of Industry Engagement. A recent report says remodeling and new home builds will devote up to 12 percent of the home value on electronics. Where USB-C will impact home AV dealers.

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Daily Download March 30, 2018

Fiber versus Copper Battle Royal

ResiWeek 108: Comments sections provide fodder for discussions around the water cooler and around AVNation’s table as well. Our ResiWeek panel takes an online discussion from CE Pro and debate copper versus fiber for video transport in residential AV.

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ResiWeek 108: Fiber Fight

The benefits of copper verus fiber in home audiovisual installations; for audio and video transports. Tips to help your integration company more profitable. We ask the question, should you take your clients to CEDIA or other trade shows?

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